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would you live here?

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would you live here?

Postby modernmithrandir » Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:54 pm

I know I don't post very often (I much prefer to lurk and learn lol) but I have a question I would put to the group and am very interested in thoughts and input.

There is currently a plan being put together to build a historically accurate `1300-1400C small settlement in Alberta (east of Calgary is the current goal). There is a good chance that there will be the opportunity for some people (including families) to live on-site, year round, long term. The one big thing is that those who do would be limited to the technologies of that time. The theory, I am told, is to take "living history" and "experimental archaeology" to a new level when compared to other sites of this kind in Canada.
(a UofC history proff who specializes in this time period is overseeing the accuracy of the site)
(trades familiar with the style/techniques of the period will be building the site from scratch)
You get a place to live and you get to have animals and a garden.


Would anyone here go and live there?
What concerns might you have?
What questions would you have before moving in?
Are there any "modern amenities" you would want/need that you would call a dealbreaker?
If you had a special skill familiar to this period (pottery, tanning and so on) and had the chance to open a shop/business from your new home, would that make a difference?

Please feel free to share this post with other off-grid or survivalist sites.......I would very much like to hear a range of thoughts on it.
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Re: would you live here?

Postby Antsy » Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:32 pm

In answer to your question... NO

The average life expectancy for a male child born in the UK between 1276 and 1300 was 31.3 years. In 1998, it is 76. However, by the time the 13th-Century boy had reached 20 he could hope to live to 45, and if he made it to 30 he had a good chance of making it into his fifties.Oct 29, 2011

I know that some preppers and survivalists like to wax poetic about the "good ol' days" with no real idea about history. For the sake of argument I am guessing that this group isn't going to turn its back on modern medicine, however there is a local story on CBC today talking about the poor immunization rates in Fort MacLeod due to group superstition, so perhaps I'm being too charitable.

What does a "historically accurate" Alberta community from 1300AD look like? If, instead, it will strive for a European community from that period I might remind the group that Alberta isn't England (or even New England for that matter).

With that being said, best of luck. There are certainly more fool hardy pursuits that our fellow citizens pursue and this one doesn't hurt anyone who hasn't volunteered. I do worry about the kids though... Will they be taught that the world is flat and the center of the universe?
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Re: would you live here?

Postby farmgal » Thu Feb 23, 2017 1:20 am

In a nut shell, no I would not want to live there.
I have lived without running water
I have lived without power
I have lived in the bush where it was ride in only
I have lived where we hauled water, I remember the joy at six of having a well drilled and the blessing of not having to haul milk cans of water, but instead be able to hook it up to a tractor and pull our own water.
I have cut hay with horse power, here on the farm, we have cut acres by hand, and rake it to dry and hand rolled it and hauled it by human and draft power
I have lived where we did everything with the horses.
Today, I know the work it takes to grow and put up with the tools I have..

The answer is No.. I am in my 40's and I Will do it if I have to.. but would I choose to.. no way.. Give me clean drinking water, hot water on demand and a pressure canner etc.
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Re: would you live here?

Postby morningcoffee » Thu Feb 23, 2017 5:21 pm

I'm in my early 60's. Would I choose to live without running water, indoor plumbing and power? I remember the farm when there was no running water, power or indoor plumbing and going to the outhouse in the middle of winter, turning on the lanterns at night, and pumping water by hand out in the yard from the well and while it is fun to remember those times doing it just because ... definitely not. If I had to, I could but it wouldn't be my first choice. To each his own however!
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Re: would you live here?

Postby kootenay kid » Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:14 pm

Like morningcoffee, I am in my early 60's. I've lived the roughing it lifestyle, and would not go back to it by choice. I could if I had to, but, not by choice any more. Too old for that stuff.
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Re: would you live here?

Postby Zana » Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:27 pm

Modern medicine would be a deal breaker for me. And also the ability to leave to visit family.
If I had children and could agree to a one year term , I think it would be a great learning experience. But, only if it had a time limit. Children raised there wouldn't have a chance outside there in the job market place. The real world these days moves so fast. It would be nice to slow down and like a survival show-see if you could "cut it".
The idea of having a trade strikes me as a good one. You'll have to check out the details. I think for critters a pair of breeding goats might be good. Goat cheese is easy to make, milk is good, not bad eating (not as much to store as a cow) and they aren't fussy eaters (good for clearing weeds).Laying chickens would be good too. The U of A has heritage chickens that the sell.
Let us know when you learn more. It sounds interesting! Would be nice if people could visit for a weekend or a week in the summer to get a taste of it.
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Re: would you live here?

Postby Zana » Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:49 pm

PS in reply to Antsy talking about "the good old days". As a prepper I would like the idea of community and a slower simpler lifestyle. But, like most Preppers we are also getting ready with generators, solar lights, gas pumps, electric bikes and stores of modern stuff to tide us over a spell with no power.
If one were joining the reinactment group you would have none of those tools or supplies including modern seeds to plant.
I think most Preppers are thinking of the good old times with many modern upgrades. They are thinking of the simplicity of times gone by with a lot of the drudgery taken out of it.
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