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Is The sh*t Realty gong to hit the fan?

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Re: Is The sh*t Realty gong to hit the fan?

Postby Syn » Fri Apr 08, 2016 5:49 am

Shit is hitting the fan right now, we just are well positioned at the moment to be minimally impacted.
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Re: Is The sh*t Realty gong to hit the fan?

Postby Wideawake » Wed Aug 10, 2016 2:59 am

This is a "Controlled Demolition" right now. The US has 90 million not working, almost 50 million on some sort of government assistance. Without that, it would already be way worse than the Great Depression. It's all being hidden, but not for the reasons many think. Yes, the government wants to keep people asleep as long as possible, but also, for the collapse to be complete and final, they need to get it halfway done without people even knowing it.

Easier to completely destroy a nation that's already half destroyed, than one which is at full capacity. Get the idea? Same deal with Canada.

It was already going down, then they kicked out the biggest and strongest leg it had, the Oil industry. No industry in Canada produces jobs, wealth, and true economic growth like oil did. The financial sector produces jobs and people make alot of money, but it cannot exist without a "real economy" to base it from, that being oil, mining, etc.

Same deal for housing, what's the price of a house in Greenland? Zero, because there's no industry. Canada now effectively has no industry, or nowhere near enough industry to sustain over 30 million people. They were keeping the facade up with a housing bubble built on nothing but easy credit, Chinese money laundering, and 24/7 Propaganda called "Home shows," designed to whip everyone into a frenzy of buying a house or condo.

Now, with Vancouver taxing foreigners, they just kicked that leg out too. Get ready for the collapse, Canada has no more legs holding it up. We are Wil.E Coyote in mid air just before he drops.
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Re: Is The sh*t Realty gong to hit the fan?

Postby traveller » Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:16 am

albertaborn wrote:Odds are the proverbial SHTF scenarios are not the reality of most situations of need. Pretty sure Zombies won't be the cause, most likes won't be Nuclear either ... But being without power for days, being unable to leave your area because of storms or fires, an earthquake or Avalanche effecting your ability to move to safety those are all very legimate concerns that could cause you to need extra supplies or alternatives to keeping your house warm or stopping your water lines from freezing and bursting, how about flooding and mudslides. There are so many legitimate survival issues.
I know people talk about the economy, that is a monster of its own. If you lose your job being prepared can save you lots of grief for a while. Not much can be done about losing a high paying job and there's nothing but low paying jobs, except having been prepared might make it more survivable.
I don't care if people prep for zombie attacks or what ever, being prepared or being self sufficient will never be a wrong choice. You can still die of dehydration in days, you can still freeze to death in hours, you can starve to death in days, you can suffer injury or be without medical supplies, medicine and die if you can't get through it. You might live through the initial situation but die because of lack of preparation.

I don't get on here much anymore to post but I still monitor the posts and this one intrigued me, I know Alberta born personally and I started a group that which he attended a few meetings, that still runs today back in Alberta which Dangphool keeps going to this day, this is a solid Quote. It doesn't matter what you believe will happen , just be prepared for something my suggestion is 30 days of food for your house, a bug out plan, a bug in plan, as far as water it is difficult to store 30 days worth of water in the average home, you would have to build a room with a 1000gl water tank as most Mormon's do and that is impractical for most, my suggestion is 24,packs of 24pack water bottles for drinking, another 100gals for cooking and washing conservatively, and a very good water filtration system to such as a big Berky and some kind of a life straw portable system.... The water is the tough one, even 50 gals for washing and cooking is about 10/14 days worth...rationed... As far as the S.H.T.F YES I believe we are starting to see it with the world financial system beginning to unravel, my reasoning....JIM RICKARDS/JIM ROGERS, and the list goes on GOOGLE them and you will see there not crack pots but very smart and wealthy investors that have been sounding the alarm bells for quite some time know....example..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moCPjFd4Ckk....watch it...

Tks for everyone's time,
and as my header says;

Jim Rogers - WARNING 2016 Market to Cave in the Next Few Months
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Re: Is The sh*t Realty gong to hit the fan?

Postby Stache » Thu Sep 08, 2016 5:45 am

When I look around, I struggle to find a reason why the Sh__ will NOT hit the fan.
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Re: Is The sh*t Realty gong to hit the fan?

Postby jonesy » Thu Sep 15, 2016 6:29 pm

The shit's on the fan. The fan is just picking up speed. Watch out for the flings.....

If you're not thinking beyond the US election, you've lost the bigger picture!

pm me, I am usually local, stache.

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Re: Is The sh*t Realty gong to hit the fan?

Postby Hinterland » Wed Nov 09, 2016 6:29 am

Roundtown wrote:Tell me what makes you think the sh*t will hit the fan?

I'm deeply concerned about a recent CTV news report, talking about a cashless society. After some research I found some alarming reports, and from mainstream, not the religious fringe. I believe it is going to happen and maybe sooner than we realize. The majority of urban dwellers who depend on technology, will descend into a real scramble if the SHTF catches them unawares. We ourselves can benefit from learning more about it and how to prepare ourselves and how to help others.
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