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Low Tech

Grumpy Bear
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Low Tech

Postby Grumpy Bear » Wed Jul 27, 2016 3:23 am

Hi Gang been a while, working lots out of town and marrying of the daughter and the eldest son this spring and summer.
In my spare time I have been investing time studying and practicing Low Tech life / survival hacks.
I have been involved with training youth in Scouting for 25 years and was a youth member thru the sixties and early seventies.
As preppers we need to get back to the basics of survival. Having solar power and light will make you a target for those who intend to take rather than prepare for.
I'm not saying solar is bag I have lots of it, I just won't be flaunting it. I also have lots of low tech knowledge and am proficient at it.
I never quit learning because I always find stuff I haven't try'd before and stuff I have forgotten about.
Get your self a copy of the Scouts outdoor hand book great reference for some low tech information.
Always be looking for resource areas that will be around after the collapse.Get a couple of maps and mark them down
Keep one in your vehicle to add to the list and a second in a stash in case you have to go with out your vehicle.
Stashes are good and they don't have to be big, just easy for you to get to and out of sight of others, put these on your maps also. (I also have a mobile GPS and set my caches in it hoping the satellites will still be up and running)
I have several areas scoped out if I have to bug out from my home base, I have equipment and supplies and extra fire arms (cheapies) stashed there also.
You need to check your stashes for pilferage my man or beast always best to park the truck a few hundred feet away and walk thru the area and pass it by a few minutes and circle back to see if you were followed.
I spread bits of metal all over the places near my stashes it screws up the metal detectors of those who would pilfer. metal buck shot is great leave clumps here and there and wide spread it also. I have a metal detector also.
Remember you only need to stash the basics of food, freeze dried is best as water here in the Fraser Valley is easy and available. Shelter and and warmth are just as important. Old rusty metal roofing sheets scattered around make an unobtrusive building material stash. (screw up metal detectors also)
I could go on for more time but Mrs Grumpy Bear say it's cocktail hour and wants a G & t.
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Be Discreet, Be Friendly, Be Safe.
Most of all "Be Ready"

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