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Where to bug out/ Community

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Re: Where to bug out/ Community

Postby back40 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 8:22 pm

Some good reading here folks with great views.I too have been planning on a better life.Not to be negative but ive seen many of these communitys fail before the even start most for financial reasons cost of land equiptment ect.
In my opinion you need a very tight knit group with the same goals in mind before even consider buying land together as a group most go and inquire about land then try to crowd fund find others with funds to help close the deal this is the first mistake as if 1 or 2 fail others have to cover the cost and most today are on a budget. I think that the right people with a good mindset is more important than the land 150 acres in the boonies wont do you any good without the manpower to make it thrive.
Then theres the ones that successfully own the land setup cabins solar septic ect and put 110% into it in the start then realize its not for then some just cant make the transition from a 3 piece bath to pooping in a bucket its not for everyone remember were in Canada where harsh cold winters are inevitable.
Skills ammo preps dont make a man sure they help but a good mindset and a positive attitude will get you farther in life than a box of ammo and a tote of mres.
People that own property already are ahead of the game as you can source the right people over long periods of time screen them get to know them real good likes dislikes ect this will make the difference as these folks will be a part of your life every day and its a nice feeling to know you can count on others when needed.
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Re: Where to bug out/ Community

Postby BlakePS » Fri Nov 08, 2013 5:34 am

I have a large collection of survival books in PDF. PM me to download them free.
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Re: Where to bug out/ Community

Postby charlescobrien » Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:43 pm

teresa911 wrote:Hi I am new today to your site and would like to say thank you so much for letting me join. Me my husband and son are looking for a community that is prepping. We have been planning this for years and have alot to bring to the table. My husband is an industrial pipe fitter and I am an inventor, cook, and a ton of skills more. We are putting our house on the market and want to find a community in Ontario that cares about each other and works together for the good of all. Just trying to find out what is out there so please if you need or want more ppl in your group let me know. We are desparately seeking decency in mankind.

Hi Theresa,

I'm reaching out to you and your family, Please feel free to contact me. I to am looking to find a group of like minded people to share ideas, network, and possibly join forces in community.
I still believe there is some decency in humanity, just need to weed out the good from the bad.

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Re: Where to bug out/ Community

Postby charlescobrien » Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:55 pm

BlakePS wrote:I have a large collection of survival books in PDF. PM me to download them free.

Hey Blake,

I'm reaching out to you, Please feel free to contact me. I to am looking to find a group of like minded people to share ideas, network, and possibly join forces in community.
I still believe there is some decency out there, just need to weed out the good from the bad.

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Re: Where to bug out/ Community

Postby Fenwolf » Fri Jan 01, 2016 11:48 pm

And this is why I am proud to be a Canadian. My wife and I both know that no matter how prepared we are we will still need people to help. We are even talking about starting a canning group locally here in Hamilton to start helping others get some basic preps in place and food in their house for their families. We hit all the sales and can what ever we can. I am even starting to do long term storage for dry goods in Mylar bags. Things like coffee and spices and other dry goods. We are going to start the canning group sometime in Jan. Hit the good sales and do veggies, fruit and meat. If you can start buying the reduced stuff and can it. Great way to save money. We also price match and coupon. If anyone wants help we can to show you how we do it.

Here is a link to my wife's site about how we do it, and if you want to friend us on Facebook you can - James Porth and Lori-Lee Craig

https://www.facebook.com/canadasavingsw ... savemoney/
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Re: Where to bug out/ Community

Postby Protector » Sat May 13, 2017 1:16 am

I have to keep the faith! Eventually somebody great will see what we're doing and want to be part of what we're doing.we got one family on board but distance is a real issue.

We're near Cochrane Ontario trying to live like our great grandfathers did adding anything useful from modern society we can afford.

We have over two weeks of water for six/ well/ water purification filter and tablets

Staples to last many months. Some things I get on sale like rice. Years.

We have two German pointers/ rabbits/ chickens/ quails and ducks. So meat is abundant.

We're building/ buying materials to buy more garden beds/ buildings to get more perrenial food sources.

We have over forty cords of wood and will have sixty by the end of this year. We're heat/ cooking sustainable for 3 years soon. I also have a hundred acres so getting more is a non issue.

I have a trapping cabin on 21sq kms with a few others

I have a strong young family and want my group to never have to worry about the basics.

If your in the abitibi/ Cochrane area or your like me willing to travel to meet/ greet/ maybe change your life.

Let's talk!
Eric houa at hotmail . Com
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Re: Where to bug out/ Community

Postby ajmudie » Wed Jun 07, 2017 3:32 am

hi. I would like to team up with you. what area are you in

sbasacco wrote:Hello Everyone,

I have been on this site for awhile now, and I have noticed that apart from the awesome information that individuals provide us about various topics and I must admit, I have learned a ton on this site, that for the most part, people are resound on working on their own if shtf. I dont see that sense of community that I believe would be beneficial in the long term survival of our ways. I understand that here in Canada, we obviously live under a completely different set of rules. I believe that yes we have problems here that are unique to Canada, that we are better off than most of our counterparts not to point anyone out as to offend.

I am looking personally for a small group of people interested in learning together. Joining a community garden maybe to learn about farming, looking to learn new skills, and to just get out and do things like we used to do as kids. Somewhere I believe that we have lost this with our Xbox's and our PS3's of the world. I am looking for 4 people to start, that is interested in say learning how to garden, has a plot of land to share and are looking to combine efforts and help each other out if shtf ever. This number will grow as the group wills it.

Is there anyone with like interest in this? I am not talking about meeting every month. I am talking about doing.

If there is any interest in something like this, Private message me as to protect our privacy.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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Re: Where to bug out/ Community

Postby StevenB » Tue Jul 04, 2017 8:00 pm

@Protector -- sounds like you're in great shape! Considering your location and interest in prepping, you might enjoy this series of books.
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Re: Where to bug out/ Community

Postby ShadyMapleTree » Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:15 pm

To my way of thinking, bugging out doesn't make sense unless the following conditions are present:

1) Staying put is not an option because of risks to life and limb;

2) There is somewhere to bug out to;

3) The place you are bugging out to has enough food, water, shelter and other supplies sufficient to sustain you for an indefinite period of time. I think a lot of people who live in the cities will be in for a rude awakening when they blithely assume that they can just live off the land when everyone else and his brother has the same idea.

Something else that militates against bugging out is that the routes out of most cities will quickly become clogged in a serious emergency and impassable. Most Canadian municipal police forces are not large enough to manage a massive exodus of that scale. Accidents, fights and all other kinds of mayhem would be likely to ensue. The only way you could get around this is if you have sufficient advance warning of a major disaster or other event.
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Re: Where to bug out/ Community

Postby RachelM » Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:30 pm

I think the biggest barrier to teaming up is folks unsure who to trust, as well as everyone's different reasons for prepping. I spend a lot of time around my local gun club, where a lot of folks have at least a little bit of a prepping mentality, but I also find myself away from the crowd a bit as I have different set of ideals from most of the folks there. Not to say that this 'makes an enemy' of them, but more that I feel the difference would be difficult to reconcile. Most of the people I know there tend to be more right-leaning or conservative, whereas I would definitely classify myself as more liberal (at least than everyone else). I respect that we are all different in belief systems and ideals, but I also think approaches to prepping and survivalism often vary based on those beliefs. If you've got good communication skills and the ability to understand each other's viewpoints, you can make it work. If you're both hard-headed, stubborn mules on different sides of an argument, don't even bother. Prepping needs teamwork, and I think a lot of us don't team up well because most folks are not actually as good at teamwork as we'd like to think. What's that old saying, "Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians"
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