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Posted: Sat May 13, 2017 1:52 am
by Protector
The best animals are those you can feed for about free while still feeding your family.

Rabbits/ pigs/ geese/ cows/ sheep/ goats/ bees/too some extent quails/ ducks/ chickens

Start slow. We like our animals to as free as possible. Easier maintenance and no clean up. Builds soil and the animals are happy.

Please start with one type of animal at a time. Master this animal and then continue if u wish.

Don't name your animals. You can't eat your dog and I guarantee any named animal will taste like crap if u loved that animal. I still have a hard time eating my meat but my kids and wife do not. They grew up eating and processing meat. Boiled rabbit is a yummy supper to them. They will always be able to feed themselves if they choose to work for it.