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US elections

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Re: US elections

Postby henry » Sun Dec 18, 2016 10:11 pm

How badly Obama (democrats) run down USA in the world stage and economically ? Were they able to recover??
Just go to Europe and ask what they think of USA or go anywhere in the world.

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Re: US elections

Postby CanCricket » Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:14 am

I think Obama did a wonderful job as President and the USA was lucky to have him for eight years. That they've gone from Obama, who just oozes class and intelligence, to someone like Trump just makes me pity the people who have to live under him for the next four/eight years. I feel sorry for people who have bought into Trump's rhetoric of hatred and division. I can't imagine living with that much hate in my heart.
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L Wilson
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Re: US elections

Postby L Wilson » Mon Dec 19, 2016 4:46 am

The primary thing this election cycle has showed me is how widespread the corruption and hierarchy of the establishment there is, and how transparent they have become willing to be to push their personal agenda against the will and minds of the citizenry by any means necessary. Completely obliterated my prior passive trust in government and brought to light the necessity of self-reliance.
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Re: US elections

Postby thecrownsown » Mon Dec 19, 2016 2:32 pm

kootenay kid wrote:How many times has TRUMP gone bankrupt.......Will he do the same to the country he is trying to run as he did to himself?
Just my two cents worth.

This is just rhetoric.

As much as I dont care for his election antics, the man built a business into billions. Many entrepreneurs go bankrupt...several times. Everywhere. From small business owners to large.

Lets put the media frenzy aside, all the jabs at him, Hillary, etc....and lets see what he can do. I think for Americans it will be an interesting experiment to see if someone with business saavy can run the economy better than a seasoned politician. We will know in four years. Whether he's good for Canada....wrt to trade..probably not...but again...lets see what happens.
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Re: US elections

Postby peppercorn » Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:10 am

henry wrote:Do you really believe that TRUMP built his business and got to the position where he is now because he is stupid ????? wow.

Henry you are putting words in my mouth, show me where I commented on his business or intelligence. While I could comment on each I don't believe I have.
I have never got that far in doing a character assessment, I started at the A's...Assinine, Abactinal, Belligerent,borish,caustic, caddish,then I hit the d's...Duplicitious,deceitful,degenerative, disruptive,delusional,demented, derisive,demonic, daft, and on it goes, the d's were like quick sand for me, and they come faster than I can type, so I stopped there. Never made it to the S's.

I wont comment on his business, and I don't hold failed ones against anyone. Those interested in his wealth can use the googler to peer through the haze of intergenerational inheritance, trust funds, backstopped loans, paid for education , and the connections that brings, to reach their own conclusions on the percentage of his individually derived success vs that gained from the former mentioned assistance. Assistance clearly typical of what we all receive.
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