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Looking for limited visit to nearby off-grid community near Ottawa to see how I take to it

L Wilson
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Looking for limited visit to nearby off-grid community near Ottawa to see how I take to it

Postby L Wilson » Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:15 am

Started looking into off-grid living in BC, but since it's difficult for me to accurately imagine how I'd take to such a lifestyle, I'd like to test the waters personally as a first step. I imagine the incentive to spontaneously take an unknown guest into one's off-grid community or setup would be limited at best, but I'll just throw this out there nonetheless, and try to give a sense of who I am.

First of all, I am struggling with some anxiety-related issues that have kept me away from consistent wage-working, although I should still be able to get a good amount of work done in a given day, I just might need to take periodic time to myself to settle down.

One of my best points is my development of and dedication to a certain level of open-mindedness and ration. I am very wary of getting caught up in emotional biases that cause one to do wrong by others. And I know well enough not to seek out conflict and cause problems in a survival situation.

I value a certain level of humility and willingness to contribute, especially in a case like this. Very wary of self-entitlement.

I'm pretty pragmatic and realistic, I know what I'll be leaving behind, and the kinds of things I'll need to take with me. Like things to occupy my mind and spirit like personal training/learning through various books. I haven't obtained survival and camping supplies yet but I intend to.

Again I'm only looking for a temporary visit, and have no intention to impose anything long-term, though I'd take it into consideration if offered. Currently I'm looking more towards BC for climate and flora. I plan to self-train in martial arts, cooking with prepper-type supplies, plant identification/use, basic medical knowledge, bushcraft skills, general fitness, and to spend much of my spare time on moral/philosophical literature to keep myself mentally engaged.

Also I do have a dog, a very sweet-tempered greyhound, which I could either leave with someone while I was away, or bring with me. They do have short, fine fur, and some balder areas, so if he has to deal with the cold too much it might not work out to have him there.
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