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Say NO to GM food.

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Re: Say NO to GM food.

Postby Grillge » Wed Jan 09, 2013 1:28 pm

Ive just learned that GMO seed oils eg Canola and cotton seed oil dont need to be labelled in Australia. Round-up ready Canola seeds are just mixed in with regular seed. I suggest people stop using anything with Canola oil in it ,and dont think your safe when you use Olive oil margarine as there is only 20% Olive oil and the rest is vegetable oil , vegetable oil is a mixture of canola and sunflower oil. If you want to put oil on you salad use cold pressed Olive oil. I watch how Canola oil is made on youtube and was disgusted how it is processed , they us solvents to get the oil out then add caustic soda to clean it then bleach it to give it that golden colour. That alone should be enough to make you want to stop using it.
Something else i learned is the bacteria that they use to make Round-up ready Canola seed or any Round-up ready seed came from Monsantos toxic waste dump on there site. The bacteria was immune to Glyphosate so they decided to take out the gene that makes it resistant to Glyphosate and put it in the DNA of Canola and other seeds. Round-up ready means that a crop can be spayed with Round-up (Glyphosate) 8 weeks into growing so they dont get any weeds when harvesting.
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Re: Say NO to GM food.

Postby Syn » Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:33 pm

There was bad news in Washington State , U.S. where North Americas largest area of growing organic seed is located they are bringing in GMO canola threatening to contaminate the non GMO seed. The day seems to be coming when the GMO free seed world wide might be in the hands of small backyard growers .
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Re: Say NO to GM food.

Postby westernprepper01 » Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:37 pm

[b]Safety Group Blows Lid on ‘Secret Virus’ Hidden in GMO Crops[/b]
trutherFebruary 9, 20130

Yet another disturbing reason has emerged as to why you should be avoiding health-devastating genetically modified organisms, and it may be one of the most concerning yet. We know that GMO consumption has been linked to a host of serious conditions, but one thing we are not so sure about is the recent discovery of a hidden viral gene deep within genetically modified crops.

For years, GMOs have been consumed knowingly and unknowingly around the globe, with Monsanto and the United States government claiming that the altered franken crops are perfectly safe despite very limited (or virtually none in some cases) initial testing and scientists speaking out against the dangers. One such danger that has actually not been spoken about has been revealed in a recent report by a safety watchdog group known as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Another Dirty Secret of Monsanto

In the EFSA report, which can be read online, you can find (within the scientific wording) that researchers discovered a previously unknown viral gene that is known as ‘Gene VI’. What’s concerning is that not only is the rogue gene found in the most prominent GMO crops and about 63% of GMO traits approved for use (54 out of 86 to be precise), but it can actually disrupt the very biological functions within living organisms. Popular GMO crops such as Roundup-Ready soybeans, NK603, and MON810 corn were found to contain the gene that induces physical mutations. NK603 maize, of course, was also recently linked to the development of mass tumors in rats.

According to Independent Science News, Gene VI also inhibits RNA silencing. As you may know, RNA silencing has been pinpointed as vital for the proper functioning of gene expression when it comes to RNA. Perhaps more topically, it is a defense mechanism against viruses in plants and animals alike. On the contrary, many viruses have developed genes that disable this protective process. Independent Science News reports that the Gene VI is one such gene.

Overall, there is a degree of knowledge on Gene VI. What we do know going by information within the report is that the gene:

Helps to assemble virus particles
Inhibits the natural defense of the cellular system
Produces proteins that are potentially problematic
Makes plants susceptible to bacterial pathogens

All of which are very significant effects that should be studied in depth by an independent team of scientists after GMO products are taken off the market pending further research on the entire array of associated diseases. And that does not even include the effects we are unaware of.

This is yet another incident in which Monsanto and other biotech companies are getting away with an offense against the citizens of the world with (most likely) no action taken by the United States government. What we have seen, however, is nations like Russia, Poland, Hungary, and Peru taking a stand against Monsanto in direct opposition to their disregard for public safety. Russia, in fact, banned Monsanto’s GMO corn variety after it was linked to mass tumors in rats.

As more and more dirty secrets come out from the GMO industry at large, it gives further reason and more support to remove GMOs as a whole from the food supply.

http://www.pakalertpress.com/2013/02/09 ... gmo-crops/
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