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Stagnant Convo's

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Stagnant Convo's

Postby Grey-Wolf » Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:36 pm

I have noticed that alot of the convos have become stagnant, or just stopped altogether, Its a shame because when I first became a member on this site I noticed so much convos with potential and people whom where really pushing these ideas and convos in great directions but now it seems that most members would rather sit back and read the SSDD kind of things over and over. Come on guys contribute and push points that you care about, have an opinion even if it is an out spoken or strange one, because that is how we let others in on our quwerky and ingenious ideas. Something you know could mean the difference between helping another member survive or thrive in a dangerous situation. So please post and push your points across.
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Re: Stagnant Convo's

Postby Jislizard » Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:45 am

The forum has pretty low numbers of active members by the looks of it and that always means reduced traffic unfortunately. You also don't seem to have much of a niche! You discuss broad situations which are covered elsewhere on the internet in more detail, for instance...

For discussions on SHTF in a financial setting I head off to Silver Stackers where there are plenty of people who are prepping for financial chaos!

For discussions on SHTF in a food crisis I head to Backyard Aquaponics and Practical Aquaponics where people are concerned about food quality and availability.

For discussions on SHTF in an energy crisis I head to Permies.com where there are people living off the grid and plenty of advice on sustainability.

If it is any consolation, the people on these sites also talk about prepping but they don't do it in the detail you folks can!

These sites are pretty good in their own rights and if we can join them we should be able to cross pollinate!

Prepping is still seen as pretty much an American thing, we have the Government who will look after us so why should we spend any money? After all we already pay the 'Flood Levy' so we are good right?
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