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TV Reportage "Über Leben"

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TV Germany
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TV Reportage "Über Leben"

Postby TV Germany » Wed Aug 08, 2012 2:23 pm

Guten Tag

Ich bin Journalist der Produktionsfirma AZ Media TV aus Berlin.
Seit einiger Zeit verfolge ich die Prepper-Bewegung in den USA und habe mich gefragt, ob es auch in Deutschland Menschen gibt, die sich auf eventuelle Extremsituationen vorbereiten.
Die Recherche ist noch am Anfang und ich versuche gerade in die Materie einzutauchen.

Die Reportage soll sich um das Thema "Überleben" drehen. Ich werde auch mit Survival-Experten drehen, die zeigen, wie das Überleben in freier Natur ohne Hilfsmittel möglich ist.

Sehr gerne würde ich in meinem Film auch einen "Prepper" aus Deutschland portraitieren. Mich hat diese Bewegung aus den USA neugierig gemacht und ich möchte gerne herausfinden, was Menschen dazu bewegt.

Falls sich jemand bei mir melden möchte:

nils . jensen @ azmedia . de

Vielen Dank!
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Re: TV Reportage "Über Leben"

Postby ICRCC » Wed Aug 08, 2012 5:05 pm

More Interest in the prepping "movement" this time from Germany. The above post reads:
"Good day

I am journalist of the production company AZ Media TV from Berlin.
For some time, I follow the Prepper movement in the United States and asked me whether there are people in Germany who are preparing for any extreme situations.
The research is still in the early stages and I try to immerse in the matter.

The report should revolve around the theme of "Survival". I will rotate with survival experts, showing how the survival in the wild without tools is possible.

I would very much like to portray a "Prepper" from Germany in my film. This movement from the United States has made me curious and I would like to find out what moves people.

If someone I would like to register:

Nils. Jensen @ azmedia. de

Thank you very much!"

With more posts popping up in languages other than English It is worth noting that many of you can translate them if you wish with just a few steps. I am using Internet Explorer 9 but I am sure it can be done with other browsers.
Step 1. Highlight the body of the post that you want to translate.
Step 2. Right click the mouse and from the pop-up box choose "Translate with Bing."
A new Bing translator window will appear in your browser. On the left hand side is the passage you chose to translate and after a few seconds the English translation appears on the right.
It is simple and quite effective. You can go to the Bing Translator web page at: http://www.bing.com/translator/
Type in what you want to say, choose the language you wish to translate it to then click translate. From there you can copy and paste it into your post or even an email. Actually it's pretty cool.
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Re: TV Reportage "Über Leben"

Postby DerPrepper » Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:26 pm

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