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Massive emergency power outage drill planned

Discussions regarding Peak Oil and Energy Shortages
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Massive emergency power outage drill planned

Postby Bravepatriot777 » Tue Sep 03, 2013 12:57 am

Noteworthy that on August 16, 2013 the New York Times reported that a massive emergency power-outage drill called "GridEx II" is planned in early November this year to simulate a major cyber attack or EMP and how it will affect the U.S. power grid. More than 150 companies and organizations are signed up to participate as well as government officials from the United States, Canada and Mexico. The article didn't mention how much of the U.S. will or will not be affected or included in the drill, or how long they intend to conduct it. However, it's also possible that a real one (or false flag) could occur much sooner as on August 27th, outgoing DHS secretary Janet Napolitano, in her outgoing speech stated, "a massive and serious cyber attack on the U.S. homeland is coming and a natural disaster - the likes of which the nation has never seen - is likely on it's way." So the question is, what do "they" know that we don't? Why would she issue such a sweeping and blatant statement unless it has an underlying basis? Think about it folks. And it only serves to lend credibility to prepping activities. Something is definitely in the wind........
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Re: Massive emergency power outage drill planned

Postby coinzero » Tue Sep 03, 2013 2:48 am

The power grid is very very weak in design and everyday use, it would not surprise me if it went down even unplanned. Which leads me to my next idea. My older beetle shaped motor home that has 3 beds. and sleeps 5 very comfortably or 8 not so much. she is about timed out for retirement, she doesn't leak when it rains and still looks great for been such an oldie. I think she's a 70's model of some kind. Any wayz, I got a thinking at work and instead of selling her off as a hunter special. That instead; I would drive her into the bush on my reliantly unused property (mainly abandoned farm for over 20 years on 1/4 section with mostly tree's) where no one would see her, already have the trail half fast cut because of my hunting activities. Place her on a gravel pad off the main trail and build walls and a good roof over her; Of course painting the whole structure to match the forest pine and spruce during winter months when I believe she could be most visible. I plan to remove the front seats to put in a wood stove and cooking area. as well I think I could create a flow out 4 inch straight pipe for my holding tank so that I could use the bathroom still if the situation happens that I would need to, and be able to control when it dumps out and all (no pun intended); Could dig a trench or big hole for it to go to and all. But don't really plan on using it, it's that just in case thing. I have a few things I could also move or remove to get some more storage or beds or both. But the room as is should be plenty. I think it would be a great way to use her for even more years to come. Nice and hidden in the woods (additional BOL / hunting cabin / big hunting blind) I just figured at work a guy could not have enough possible BOL's or structures hidden around. Hell. If I can't build the walls and roof after hunting season or before winter, I might even pour a small cement pad in the spring. At ne rate, i'll take a few pics and share my progress with you all when I get things a rolling. Water storage is going to be a pain, But I think a raised holding tank should be more then plenty, well; a good start at ne rate before having to really rough it in an emergency.
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Re: Massive emergency power outage drill planned

Postby Syn » Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:50 pm

It would take that drill to the next level if the public took up roles and really saw what being without power would entail.
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