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Re: North Korea vs. Trump

Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:51 pm
by DJPrepper
Wayne wrote:A stellar performance at the U.N. We're willing to kick ass and take names... LOL :-)

Best parts :

"The not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implemented"

"From the Soviet Union to Cuba to Venezuela, wherever true socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish and devastation and failure"

The fact that most people in the audience reacted with silence to these statements tells a lot about where we are at in this world.

Re: North Korea vs. Trump

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 12:04 am
by HopeImReady
The Chinese are hardening their equipment against EMP..that should tell you something...

Re: North Korea vs. Trump

Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:36 pm
by DJPrepper
HopeImReady wrote:The Chinese are hardening their equipment against EMP..that should tell you something...

They think ahead and don't dilly-dally because of reasons [x], [y] & [z].

They also don't hold back because someone might disagree with them.

Powerful, determined, industrious.

Underestimating them is perilous.

Re: North Korea vs. Trump

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:47 am
by Wayne
"Little Rocket Man," ... I love it! LOL

Re: North Korea vs. Trump

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:33 am
by peppercorn
Wayne wrote:A stellar performance at the U.N. We're willing to kick ass and take names... LOL :-)

Slow down there, where do you get "we're " in this, are you American? Im Canadian and proud to not be American !

Im all for letting the mad king, and Mad Kingdom go completely alone on this. Whatever brings the evil empire down fastest I am all for (I don't mean the one in asia). Whatever happens here is just going to blow back worse on America...China and Russia are not going to sit back when a attack begins, Russia in fact has just completed a second underground fiber optic cable out of NK. Neither China or Russian want America one foot closer to them. I don't even want Americans in my country!! So think how they must feel.
It was just a year ago it looked like Hillary was going to win, and Russia was her publicly proclaimed target (likely starting by imposing a no fly zone in Syria)...Russia was going to be looking down the barrel of a USA/Nato gun! in short order! Now thanks to amazingly :roll: rapid development in NK
the immediate pressure is off Russia.....
I have seen this before, I was way young but still aware of what was happening, America bogged down in multi decade, multi nation endless wars, Just like now, costs escalating, domestic economy in taters, foreign nations redeeming American currency for gold (back when they had gold).
What saved America then was pulling all forces out, cutting the losses and military spending, and shortly after being able to back stop the dollar with oil!
It wasn't without hickups but they were able to recover materially, though morally they are now more bankrupt than ever, and if you disagree I only have to point to the best they now can elect! and I would say that if Hillary was president.

In this last year I have had to seriously look at how fast the American empire is falling apart.... I really thought the window of collapse (fiat currency /economic)was outside my lifetime, or greater than 20 + .Its well under that now in my opinion, its not just what America is doing to itself, but how well developed, other nations have laid down the frame work, and done so over time of working around, and locking out the USA....I am speaking of course about China and Russia, and that frame work is firming up with great speed. I have looked at Russia since the sanctions were slapped on them, and they not only fully recovered from that, but the sanctions actually helped them build up domestic agriculture, all the manufacturing (heavy steel) that came from Ukraine, they have now replaced with domestic production!!
They are stronger than ever! and less dependant on imports than the USA. IMHO!
Did you see the announcement of how Syrian peace was to be conducted? the USA was no where to be seen, Turkey was present, Iran was there, and Russia was there....who needs the USA?
Consider this....the USA is being undermind in the only way that matters, its dollar! That oil backed dollar has kept that worthless paper afloat...Make no mistake about it....that's not going to continue!! even the Saudi's are moving away from the USA, Their largest oil customer is now China!!... Prepare accordingly!! Duterte Had been invited to visit Trump in America, his response was to politely decline, with the comment to aids, Have you seen that place, who would go there, its falling apart?" Note that trump came to visit him instead.... The ride is going to be bumpy!!! While America is busy twirking and twittering, Lets start building the wall to the south!!!! Or at least start mining it.

Re: North Korea vs. Trump

Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:46 am
by Wayne
What saved America wasn't the oil (we have more than they do; that's why we pay more LOL); it was the U.S. dollar being accepted as the world currency. China's efforts to control the world currency and to replace the USD with the yuan is the largest threat against the U.S. Nothing even comes close until the missles fly.

Hillary is a crook. Her and Bill are two peas in a pod. He proved to be a lying scoundrel and was impeached. What a great idea, make her the President... not!

How can anyone from Canada throw stones at Trump when they elect a part-time Drama Teacher and ex-Drug Dealer as Prime Minister? LOL What is the world coming too? Trudeau is up to his old ways and is making grass legal. Once a Pusher always a Pusher... Don't get me started on Canada's problems, way too left wing.

Re: North Korea vs. Trump

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 11:22 pm
by althetrainer
I am with you on this one, Wayne. You know what they say about the pot calling the kettle black? In our case, our pot is darker than the kettle.

Re: North Korea vs. Trump

Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:45 am
by peppercorn
Do you hear that? listen again.....notice how great its been not to have to listen to the Americans screaming about committing a genocide (another one) in asia? this last month with the games going on they have shut their ever yapping mouths...I wish it would continue.Enjoy the silence while you can, the games will be over soon and I expect things to go back to the regularly scheduled program.