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Drought, crops and garden yields..

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Drought, crops and garden yields..

Postby farmgal » Mon Jul 04, 2016 3:23 pm

Well folks

Locally where I live, we are in the middle of a drought and its hitting the farms and the crops and the local gardeners of all sizes hard.. its going to be a interesting year to watch this happen.. at the moment, local hay yields are at around 40 percent normal and crops are currently sitting about 50 percent but the end results are still far from being there so future rain or no rain will continue to effect it..

Locally gardens, gardeners, CSA, u-picks and so forth are all hurting Big time.. as I am in many groups, and boards in regards to our local food shed, we are all looking at a min of a 40 to a 80 percent loss right now.. if you can not get the seeds to start, you can not get crops to grow, plants are bolting right to seed, no crop, plants are aborting fruit after setting it..

Its going to be a very lean winter locally.. and when it comes to the few things I do have lots of, which is meat.. I expect that many folks will be selling off a bit to much stock and instead of the prices needing to rise to cover costs, I expect that they will in fact go down in some cases as there will be those that would rather take the loss then not sell.. we will see..
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