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Greetings from Niagara (St Catharines)

Introduce yourself here. Let us know what you do to prepare!
Bob Scott
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Greetings from Niagara (St Catharines)

Postby Bob Scott » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:34 am

Wanted to say hello to all, Hi ! Here to learn more about survival in what I feel is bad-times ahead, possibly this fall. I have been working on my survival kit for a couple of years now and relocated from the my house located in the beach area of Lake Erie to the seventh floor of a concrete building on the west-side of St Catharines (elevation 170 feet).

For the last few months, Iv'e been intensively studying the Nemesis Constellation, dating back to when it was first found in /83 by then NASA astrophysicist Harrington, who suddenly died shortly after going public. I'm aware of the Book of Revelations 12, 1-6 so am familiar with the ancient text on 'Wormwood or the 'Red Dragon'. Frankly I'm quite concerned on what's being black-out of the NASA cameras and further pictures and video being taken by ordinary citizens around the world. Those interested in a reference to a very knowledgeable persons observations, I would recommend either reading his book or listening to one of a few Utube Interviews of "David Meade".

I'm looking to either join or start a Prepper Group in or near St Catharines
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