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Do you plan to be a lonewolf or part of a like minded band?

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Re: Do you plan to be a lonewolf or part of a like minded ba

Postby PrepandReady » Sun Mar 20, 2016 3:10 am

traveller wrote:
heathenwench wrote:We've seen many comments that promote 'trusting no one'. I think it is safe to assume that would mean being a 'Lone Wolf' or going it alone. We have chosen something different. We have sought out like minded people we can trust that can bring different skills and equipment to a small band of people. For example, an MD and an RN would be a big asset if the situation became full out survival, as would a welder, hunter, or baker. Do you believe a 'Lone Wolf' would stand a better chance or have you started to 'stock up' on the skills of others too?

I would prefer a group of trusting folk; already have a couple of families in this group,the problem as you said.... TRUSTING SOULS....a very big gambell ,I believe that is the only way to survive and a very diverse and like minded group...

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Re: Do you plan to be a lonewolf or part of a like minded ba

Postby Screedcrete » Thu Apr 07, 2016 6:02 am

My thoughts are this!

I think you need to think and prepare like a Lone Wolfe and Ill try to explain my way of thinking on this,... A lone wolf ( if he intends to be ANYTHING at all ), needs to have numerous bases covered and I think you would all agree on this. HOWEVER I also am wise enough to understand that this cannot be done fully 100% by way of example of and injury lets say. We all know that when your down a limb, a lung, etc your not going to be near as useful as you once were and thats a givin BUT if that said lone wolf is going to be anything, they need a very wide variety of skills. #1 This not only makes you a very well deserved partner in a group setting with all the skillsets that you have aquired and USED, but #2 I would almost bet it all, that the group setting will fail at 1 time or another, so where will that leave you? Most likely ALONE and this is my point. Its kind of like doing alot of driving but refusing to carry a spare tire. Your done! Sure you can say that the group is "tight" but unless its immediate family only, I fail to see how the dynamics would not eventually deteriorate to some degree. My point is simply by involving yourself in a group with dedicated roles even if everyone has 2,3,4 roles IF it falls apart how are you going to survive? Depending on others might not get you killed within the group setting but if it fails you may be in dire straights without them and die by lack of skills that I believe you SHOULD have prepared for. Therefore the ultimate group in my eyes is a group of lone wolves that are as tight as you know what! So I say train to be a lone wolf and start that group of desirables and be very careful when doing so of course, because if it truly gets bad I honestly think we will all end up alone by one faction or another. Getting split from the group. Overpowered by the group dynamics and needing to flee or die. Not getting to the group. The group getting overpowered and fleeing. To me there are just way to many areas for failure and Im not saying DONT do the group thing Im just saying train like a lone wolf and be a strong member of a well knit group if you know what Im trying to say. There will always be someone whom STRIVES to do the group thing so they can either focus on their areas of expertise or simply have less to do overall. Either way that individual is a weak link because they themselves are not willing or uncapable of doing it all. None of us can do it all but I hope we are all trying! I hope that all made sense! LOL

Just my .02
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