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Quiet forums

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Re: Quiet forums

Postby Mooswa » Sun Jan 01, 2017 11:40 pm

Yes I think all forums have slowed down. Why? I believe they have sort of run their course. Initially they were some new way to interact and everyone jumped on the bandwagon in fields of interest. Soon they were a dime a dozen. Initially people post like crazy and then eventually they slow down. Many forums get a few twits and trolls and that causes more people to give it up. Then there are the online assassinations and feeding frenzies that some seem to get caught up in.................. I know it has really caused me to sit back and wonder if they are a good use of spare time.

In the last year or two I have pretty much dropped all forums and only check out a few periodically. Here I am checking back on this forum because I received an e-mail from the administrators poking me with a sharp stick to check out the site and participate. ;)

If things are slow it is hard to keep peoples interest up.
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