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For Kiwi Preppers

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For Kiwi Preppers

Postby iman23prep » Tue Jun 03, 2014 5:16 pm

Bonjour everybody, its the brown prepp'n hick here. Just thought to let you guys know about my channel Kesate Batawi https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNcm1tgqgs1SkFuhbJHw3yQ/feed?filter=2 which is dedicated to all novice preppers in New Zealand who don't know what Prepping is or don't know where to start. For now it is broken down into Preparedness 101 which is the boring talking about certain terms like emergency management, survival kits and it's sub sets like E.D.C,Preparedness 102 is basic skill building videos demonstrating basic skills as basically as possible, Preparedness 103 which is a more of video demonstration rather then how to of elements that make up a survival kit, emergency supplies, whatever you may call it or term it. Last Saturday morning i was tested by the skills i knew o'v and the supplies i had on my person AND HAD TO WALK 16.8 kMS back home after work ( as apart of my own on-going skill building, i carry my bug out pack with me to work at all times! Minus bulky tools like a hatchet and machete of course, try explaining that to MR Constable ( I said i was a backpacker!)) and as apart of my channel launch, i am having a little giveaway . In preparedness 103 videos, which will be uploaded shortly in the next two weeks or so, i leave clues, hints and parts of a code, of which needs to be translated. The code must be delivered to me by whomever in person correctly, the third & seventh person to say the code or phrase correctly will receive a prize of some sort but it will be a prep item, Could be a brand new hatchet or compass or machete or waterproof matches, who knows. Oh by the way YOU MUST BE IN HAMILTON OR LIVE IN HAMILTON FOR THIS GIVEAWAY IN PERSON and to enter, as i well live near ish to Hamilton but work in Hamilton. HERES THE FIRST PART OF THE CODE AND IT IS A RIDDLE TO PART OF THE LOCATION TO MEET TO DELIVER THE CODE OR EVEN TO ENTER THE DRAW, " A BUTTON YEARNS TO BE PUSHED PAST THE KIWI BLOKES FAVORITE MEATY DELIGHT, OF WHICH IS CHERISHED BY THE THICK RED CONDIMENT KNOWN AS SAUCE BUT ONLY DURING THE HOURS OF DARKNESS, 8 P.M - 10 P.M, NO EARLIER AND NO LATER. SO STAY TUNED AND IF YOUR A PREPPER FROM HAMILTON OR COMMUTE TO HAMILTON FREQUENTLY, THEN WHY NOT ENTER!
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Re: For Kiwi Preppers

Postby endangeredspecies » Tue Jun 03, 2014 5:36 pm

i have think to relocate in new zealand it look like a great place for prepper
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Re: For Kiwi Preppers

Postby angeebiggles » Fri Jun 05, 2015 11:24 pm

Hi Im a prepper and just joined this site. I see there are a few Kiwis here. Contact me and let me know how you are going with your prepping. Like minded people need to meetup. I live in Te Aroha which is close to Hamilton. Look forward to you all getting in contact.. Thanks A./
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