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What are YOU prepping for???

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Re: What are YOU prepping for???

Postby Esteldin » Sun Jul 03, 2016 2:11 pm

And guess what!!
The september the goverment must vote for more hours work and less payjob..
And i didn't tell you the bad things :P
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Re: What are YOU prepping for???

Postby RedDawn » Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:32 am

Guns and Butter: debt deflation. great interview. https://soundcloud.com/guns-and-butter- ... hudson-344 Peppercorn Rocks!

I watch the decades go by, the death of the middle-class, morals and values going down the toilet, corruption/violence/wars and rumors of wars, and now,
cities going bankrupt, unpayable Federal debt, no government accountability, complete chaos and anarchy. People have so much apathy up their arse, it's
no wonder they don't give a sheet! lol. Sheep for the slaughter. If you don't prep, you don't have a chance to live your choice of life. Look at all the internment camps being built in the usa. oh, fema camps (with barb wire and guard dogs and machine guns). Is the writing on the wall? Prepping is Empowering! Prepping with a group is Wisdom. Prepping is difficult, demanding, and distancing. Try winter camping alone for 6 months, then go back to the city. Tough one.
Unless you are a farmer or don't live in the city (most of populations live in city), then it is very difficult to survive alone. It is unfamiliar and many people
cannot do it. Try it alone and see if you can do it. Try a small group and see how it goes. See what works for you. Prepping is a great idea, but how to make it work?! Surviving physically means nothing if you cannot survive emotionally, mentally. How do you keep your spirits up? What happens when your BugOutBag goes empty? You have a BOB??? Right??? Medics and Medicine will be in high demand. Good skill to learn. Lots to learn. Thank God for the internationalpreppersnetwork! So much to learn from so many people here. Awesome. Thank you IPN! tbc
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