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Mathematics for survival

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Mathematics for survival

Postby Gerardo » Thu Jun 30, 2016 11:24 pm

While I think there are priorities to prepare before thinking in a real shtf or teotwawki, I was wondering.
In a doom & gloom scenario. What mathematics would be more practical to study after that?
Basic arithmetics for sure, but beyond that?
Some algebra, maybe
Some statistics (lots of practical uses if you really know it)
Calculus? Don't think so
Transformations? No way
Discrete mathematics? Fun for me, but pretty useless
More of basic physics mathematics? Could be

For kids a curriculum and not just one thing in mathematics would be best of course, but, which would be "mathematics for survival"?

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The Canadian Giant
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Re: Mathematics for survival

Postby The Canadian Giant » Thu Jul 07, 2016 10:39 pm

Basic math skills should be a fundamental of being a literate person in most societies. But beyond the basics things become a little fuzzier. Introductory portions of Algebra can be very useful. Where I put a high level of emphasis is geometry. Sure it can seem a little pedantic, but the ability to use statements, understand simple logic and more importantly, solve for angles and lengths is incredibly useful.

Physics, particularly basic Newtonian physics helps to answer some very basic questions. The ability to understand forces, angles of impact, distribution of forces, estimating distances and travel times, that's valuable stuff that comes from the fundamentals of Physics. To this I would add a working knowledge of chemistry.

Not really demanding much beyond year 11 or 12 skill sets. My thoughts anyway.
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