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Preppers moving to Boquete area

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Preppers moving to Boquete area

Postby waynanburks » Wed May 20, 2015 7:49 pm

We are in process of moving to Boquete Panama area. Wondering if anyone else out there has moved or is considering moving to this area. There is already a modest contingent of Christian preppers moved there who can be of great help to those of us still in transit. For those shipping containers, we have some valuable information but lacking details on whether shipping containers carrying large amount of food supplies, including wheat, will encounter any problems. Thanks for any input.
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Re: Preppers moving to Boquete area

Postby longreach » Wed Oct 21, 2015 3:04 am

I know this is an old post but wanted to ask how it was going. We have been to Boquete and were looking for like minded community there. We are probably headed back in February 2016. If interested indiscussing, pls let us know.
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Re: Preppers moving to Boquete area

Postby jonesy » Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:34 pm

We’ve been there as well. Heavily interested in the forestry investment program leading to passport.

How’s it going?
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