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Postby Wayne » Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:55 am

Bob Scott wrote:... Wool or most synthetics do not hold water (wet-snow or sweat) and dry fast. Cotton retains moisture and dries slow..a killer to many attempting winter camping....

Wool actually will hold twice its weight in water. Cotton will absorb more. The advantage of wool is that it retains most of its insulation qualities when wet.

I've found that the best first-layer for clothing in the wild is polyester or polypro. Brynje polypropylene mesh is the choice of many survival professionals and mountain climbers. The mesh resists water absorption and being a mesh (string) there isn't much material to absorb water anyway. It functions by trapping air between your skin and the second layer. If a second layer is required to be worn in the sleeping bag, the second layer will trap most of the moisture (sweat). This can be removed in the morning and hung up to dry. In cold weather the ice crystals can be removed by beating/shaking. It dries very quickly when wet and is a good choice for long expeditions.
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