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Skill Sets

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Skill Sets

Postby RachelM » Wed Apr 27, 2016 12:01 am

Think about all the different skill sets you or your family might need. I'm trying to compile a list of all the different skills that could fall under either essential or simply beneficial to having for survival, by larger topic. Some skills or specialists are obvious (Farming, Doctor/Nurse/Medical, Water Purification). The idea is to think of all the specialists and labourers needed to self sustain as much as possible. I'm working on a larger 'ideal homestead/bol' project, trying to design an ideal homestead that could function as a small community. Each person need not be skilled in only a single area, and the more skills a person has the better. My starting idea is to figure out a rough community size and go from there to plan in terms of land size and use of land. This is my sort of 'fantasy community', like if I could build the perfect location. Maybe with a little luck and some hard work someday it will be a reality. So here's my starting list, I'd love if you guys could chime in as well!

Animal Husbandry (Could be subdivided by species, as well as purpose ie. dairy goat vs meat goat)
Vegetable Gardening
Fruit growing
Cereals and Legume crops
Veterinary Skills/Knowledge

First Aid/CPR
Emergency Medicine/Paramedic
Midwifery/Maternal Care
Various Specialist Medicines (Including Dentist)


Survival/Nature Skills
Large Game Hunting
Small Game Hunting
Wild Foods and Medicines
Water Sanitation
Skinning and Tanning
Other Primitive Skills

Security/Defensive Skills
Self Defense/Martial Arts
Firearms Use
Unarmed Combat
Military Experience

Communications & Technology
Radio Operator
Morse Code Knowledge

Mechanical Skills/Trade Skills
Carpenter/Wood Working
Mechanic Skills/Millwright
Iron/Metal Working
Engineering Skills
Design/Architectural skills
Any other general handyman skills/experience
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Re: Skill Sets

Postby helicopilot » Wed Apr 27, 2016 3:01 am

Pretty complete list as far as I can see. For fantasy sake though, maybe a leader of sort to run this terrific group? And maybe an entrepreneur for eventual expansion/revenu generation.
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Re: Skill Sets

Postby RachelM » Wed Apr 27, 2016 3:55 am

Great idea. I don't expect that would ever have every single one of these, or that each would represent a single person. I've got a brother who is an engineer, is taking wood working courses, and has some decent ability to create parts out of metal given the appropriate tools. He's a real catch for prepping I guess. But the odds of having a dentist, pharmacist, a midwife and a veterinarian are pretty low. But I go from the approach of everybody knows a little of something. I have a friend who's a paramedic, and while she isn't a doctor she's a lot better than nothing and knows a little bit of this and that so to speak. A lot of people know first aid, but then again it might not get you too far long term. And while I couldn't name every edible wild plant out there, I sure do have a few books on it! You could think of the list as way of identifying your (or your groups) gaps in knowledge, or as a way of evaluating potential members.
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Re: Skill Sets

Postby peppercorn » Tue May 10, 2016 6:05 am

RachelM wrote: You could think of the list as way of identifying your (or your groups) gaps in knowledge, or as a way of evaluating potential members.

As fantasy your list is pretty comprehensive, I cant fault it.. Im not into fantasy much myself, well I do have one but it involves twins, I don't think its relevant to your post so ill spare you the details.
In my world where the rubber hits the road you need to be doing a few things..stunningly simple and easy things,..heating your home (whatever home that is) independently (by whatever way works)....Power, you need to be supplying your own power to whatever your needs are.....You need to have security of your home (its relative-subjective), and that could mean living in a paid for garden shed on a acre in the middle of nowhere. If your doing those three things your a serious candidate....Others may add some food production to that list to make 4 things you need to be doing for yourself to be taken serious. Im a softy if your doing 3 out of the 4 ( any combo of the 3 out of 4) Im taking you serious. These are very simple things.....

So if you know people like the above, I would say they meet the very minimum requirements you should look for, above all others. Think of it this way, are you going to cut their firewood for them.... IM not!! After that you can consider other things. Titles, credentials don't mean much to me ( well they do sort of) , Look for people who do things (talk is cheap), those with a curious mind , those who challenge and question. You will want people who do what they say (very important), who take on the unknown, problem solvers, You see I have great confidence that those with the stated character traits can learn on the fly so to speak,and my personal preference is to avoid those with drug, alcohol, or religious problems even if they have met the minimum ( 3 out of 4 ) requirements above (dependency is a bad sign). Just my 2 cents, not likely the response you want or hoped for, I have disappointed before..though my thoughts are from experience....for what its worth

Just back to add before someone says, that you must be wealthy then to be doing 3 out of the four....NO not at all, and I forgot who, but on the Alberta forum a while back there was a post from someone living in a cheap ( they said) motorhome, on solar (likely a small system), growing-raising some of their own food....That would be a heavy hitter to me...the lessons learned making do with a small solar system, just living through a Albertan winter in a old motor home!, with limited space , gains someone a great range of skills and earned respect.
and that's why I say its best to find those doing the 3 out of 4, before considering other things (some would say 4 out of 4) now!, because they will have learned invaluable lessons by doing!! Doing is where you find out what works and whats BS, and there is a lot of BS out there. I know because I have fallen for it....long ago though...now I spot it faster than my dog does a rabbit.
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Re: Skill Sets

Postby RedDawn » Sun Sep 04, 2016 5:36 am

Here is a thought to your awesome fantasy list RachelM: Number the hours each skill requires. Priority points for each item. ie heat, water being highest.
Then people could "do the quiz", and get a 'Rating'. It would show people how well they rate, and what skill could choose to learn to help them better Prep!
What you think?
(RedDawn studies hard, forgets to turn water tap off, drains water supply, dies.....nooooo...:)
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Re: Skill Sets

Postby term0shad » Thu Mar 09, 2017 7:19 pm

Hello. Good list . Almost looks like a mag group set up. Mutual assistance group. Few in states but haven't found one in Canada yet. Looking for a group to join or set up like this.
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Re: Skill Sets

Postby jonesy » Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:24 pm

As I've said in other threads.....

It's hard to set up a MAG if no one is telling anyone else even the region of, let alone the province they are in.

Put a location within 100 miles in your profiles. It won't kill your opsec. The if you see a compatible person/comment, see where they are. If it works, PM them.

I've got the loose start of one going, but there's definitely room for more....
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Re: Skill Sets

Postby Clarence » Sun Sep 10, 2017 2:53 am

Great list. Add develop close network / know your neighbors. Know who is good and who may be trouble! Use good ones as source of info on problem kids or adults in the area.

Hard to do, but practice "need to know", / security trade craft. If they don't need to know, don't tell them

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Re: Skill Sets

Postby term0shad » Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:04 am

Well said peppercorn. Been there done that lol over a yr off grid in tent trailer and upgrade to 5th wheel and now upgrade to a bigger unit. Like to see most you get used to plus 7 Celsius as your temperature in the winter lol. Trust me you get used to it after a bit. But this yr ready. First winter i learn a ton. Of what to do and not to do. Thank you peppercorn on all the knowledge on power stuff with solar power. Can't wait to thank you in person.
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