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What are your alternative light sources?

Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 5:35 pm
by Wayne
I was interested in what your back-up light sources are? I'd be interested in how you apply these forms, for example:

1. Whole home solutions such as a generator or solar power. The amount of fuel you keep on-hand for this purpose.
2. Battery back-up (flashlights, lanterns) and the amount of batteries you keep on-hand. Do you have rechargeable batteries and what type of solar charger do you use?
3. Oil, alcohol, propane, naphtha lanterns (number and amount of fuel you have on-hand).
4. Other sources of light (fireplace, wood stove, candles, etc.) How much fuel do you keep on-hand?

What additions (if any) do you plan on adding?

Re: What are your alternative light sources?

Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:14 pm
by helicopilot

I have a few solar lights that certainly light up entire rooms but wouldn't necessarily be bright enough to read or do meticulous work.

I also have my Duracell power pack with a solar panel. I can certainly use that for days on end with a table lamp running a LED bulb.

I have a couple of oil lamps but I'm not a fan of having a flame and a glass container full of flammable fluid in my house.

Lots of candles, but also not my favorite option. I would probably put candles inside a mason jar or something just to be sure.

I have a decent stock of rechargeable batteries in common sizes as well as a solar charger. I can also recharge batteries from regular chargers plugged in my power pack. I have a few LED lanterns that could work for days on a set of rechargeable batteries.

Finally, I have the generator into which I could plug in a few table lamps if needs be (and recharge batteries while it runs). But in my opinion, there are so many solar options that could theoretically last "forever" and are both safe and efficient that solar has my vote. Then I have backup in case of extended cloudy days during long winter nights.

Re: What are your alternative light sources?

Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:02 pm
by Wayne
1. Whole home - 2 Generators 10,000 / 4000 watts with 30 gallons of gasoline.
2. 25 LED candle lights with replacement batteries (50), LED lantern w/ replacement D cells (50), LED lantern w/replacement AA cells (100), 20 rechargeable AA cells. LED flashlights and headsets, portable solar charger (12 watts).
3. Oil lanterns (2), naphtha lantern, 1 gallon pure lamp oil, 2 gallons clear kerosene, 8 gallons sunflower oil, 1 quart naphtha, ability to make other lanterns with 30 ft of wick and wick holders.
4. Portable wood stove/fire pit (lots to chop), propane stove (300 lb gas), alcohol stove (1 gallon alcohol), 50 Candles.

It's a start. I hope to install a wood stove this year and increase my battery and wood storage capacity. :-)

Re: What are your alternative light sources?

Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:50 pm
by Clarence
I like the idea of stringed led lights and will look at what I can get for 12 volt system., thanks for reminder.

well over 100 cr1234 batteries, 20 plus aa rechargeable batteries, dozen AAA, D, 9volt and C
Over 100 of AA and many other sizes or regular batteries. 4 back pack solar panels, 6 solar chargers for 12 volt batteries. 5 Solar powered flashlight battery chargers,

Well Over a dozen high quality tactical grade flashlights in AA and CR, battery powered and kerosene lanterns, / 4 of each. 50 tea candles, close to a hundred one foot units. No naphtha lanterns. 2 shake charge flashlights, 4 solar & hand crank flashlights radio combo units

10 liters of kerosene, can also use diesel fuel from tractor fuel supply. 2 COLEMAN rechargeable battery lanterns. 2 nine volt battery lanterns with 6 spare batteries. spare bulbs for all lantern and regular home lights ( including flood lights)

11, 6 and 1.2 kv honda generators, with over 1K liters in fuel. Five trickle type battery chargers, 3 power inverters to tap into potential of 8, 12 volt batteries. I have 4 old car batteries I can use inverters to run lights, radios, security systems, tv etc. or to recharge flashlight batteries. 12 volt batteries would be charged by pole power, sun or when on gen power. A dozen high quality alarm / security batteries that in addition to keeping security running, I have used for light, boat sump pumps......

Son in law ran a very,very large country home on diesel generator and battery bank. He had lights, tv, satellite dish all running on battery for most of the day. Turned gen on for breakfast time and then in evening. Fridge, stove and a few lights were all on propane

Re: What are your alternative light sources?

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:59 am
by Danux
Apart from what has already been mentioned, I have a couple of "Joi" lights, made by Camframo. It is truly amazing how much more light you get from a tea candle, with these, as opposed to just the light of a tea candle on its own. Really, way more than you expect.

I've tried to standardize all my battery-powered things, like flashlights, around AA-batteries. Keep a range of lights, from little single AA-powered up to the 8-cell monster that can be seen from space. One of my hanging camp lights requires D-cells, but you can buy plastic containers that accept three AA cells and convert them into a single D-cell sized package.

My solar-and-crank emergency radio has an LED light option, sits in the window trickle charging. Has a pair of permanent newer chemistry cells for the recharge, but allows me to stuff it with AAs as well.

Out in the sticks, I keep a couple of USB-powered light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, use a converter that allows me to power them with my tool batteries (DeWalt). That has worked phenomenally well for me.

I have purchased an LED light bar, normally used for a vehicle, for use with the 12V solar system I have in my remote spot, but the USB lights work so well, I haven't had the need to hook it up yet.

I have a few UCO Candle Lanterns, from years ago, but in truth, I don't really find the light adequate.

A very neat setup I read about, developed in the slums of India IIRC, is to take a clear pop bottle, fill it with clean water and a bit of bleach, then fix it into the roof and seal the edges. Allows sunlight into a room that would be otherwise dingy, disperses it. Neat stuff, although I question its value in winter in Canada.


Re: What are your alternative light sources?

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:13 pm
by Wayne
Thanks Danux. I really like the idea of the clear pop bottles. It's amazing that they work so well.

Re: What are your alternative light sources?

Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:31 am
by Jimbo Jones
+double handful of led solar garden lights a Luminaid [those things are great ] flash lights head lights with the usual assortment of batteries a 650 w genie that will power the min house load . a few solar panels a few deep cycle batteries and i can live without the rest