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Stocking up on Medical Disinfectant or Wound Healing items

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Stocking up on Medical Disinfectant or Wound Healing items

Postby Goldie » Tue Jan 13, 2015 6:16 pm

Might consider to add some of these to your Medical Kit. Store away from and use caution around children and pets.

Chlorhexidine 2% or 4% Detergent ( common name is Dexidin in Canada ) 450 mL ( comes in smaller 115mL and larger sizes )
Chlorhexidine 2% Solution ( common name is Dexidin in Canada ) 450 mL ( " ")
Effective against Gram positive and Gram negative organisms, yeasts. Higher strength is needed for gram negative.
Either case, leave on skin area for few minutes.

Povidone Iodine 7.5% Cleanser ( 500mL ) ( common name is Proviodine or an older product is/was Betadine Surgical Scrub in Canada )
(Betadine Surgical Scrub is getting hard to find in Canada and it seems only the 10% solution , not scrub , might be available
except at the Vets ) Effective against yeasts, broad-spectrum bacteria, molds, protozoans, fungi.

Your local drug store can order items in on special order for you with their weekly orders. Don't get the
big gallon sizes. There seems to be expiry dates on these things which may be bogus, and those big jugs are
easy to spill and money invested where you could invest in something smaller and have a variety of products.

Alcohol 70% - 80% - disinfection agent provided no proteins present

Aloe Vera Gel - Not a disinfectant. Might heal some wounds or burns faster. Can mix with alcohol for your own hand sanitizer.
Might consider growing an aloe vera plant.

Polysporin cream and polysporin ointment -
Contains polymyxin B sulfphate, bacitracin zinc

Neosporin available in canada only with a prescription -
Contains Neomycin , and polymyxin B sulfphate, bacitracin zinc

Witch Hazel - useful astringent

Silver spray - short shelf life - maybe there is a longer shelf life product available ?

Hydrogen Peroxide - not recommend for wound care as it can make wounds scar , and increase healing time.
But if you add a spray to the bottle is good to spray on surfaces, counters. Ok if you have nothing else. Might also
kill good bacteria. Contact time is needed for oxidizing the surface. ..... Keep some other item on hand if you can.

Dettol ( toxic , be careful with this ) - I've used this when I cut my toe badly and it looked very bad and there was no
doctors around. Can use for disinfect of a variety of things. However residue left on floors can be absorbed into
paws of animals, so I would not use on floors, but could be used for the shit bucket.

Surgical Scrub Brush I found these but there is probably a better brush
but so far they are too expensive.
http://www.leevalley.com/en/garden/page ... at=2,42551
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Re: Stocking up on Medical Disinfectant or Wound Healing ite

Postby Knuckle » Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:26 pm

Good one. Already added it to my collection. thanks!
I'm also gonna add this TGIF comment in here (as I know you won't mind) because this is definitely worthy of note for others to copy.

For those not in the know, Goldie suggested to use something as a parameter search so folks could easily find info designed for their "Prepper" collecting. After various tests, I eventually I just went with TGIF . So if you want to see alot of info that you can grab easily by using the copy/paste technique into a document file, simply type TGIF into the search box and see what pops up.
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