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Re: Cleanup

Postby Danux » Tue Aug 02, 2016 11:56 pm

OK, have used my StockTank solution a few times, it works well. The only thing I hadn't anticipated was that, after I dispose of the wash water, I have to wait for the interior to dry before I can hang it on the wall. I can speed it up by placing the tub at an angle, which allows all the water residue to collect on one end, then get rid of it, or could probably sop it up with a towel, but so far I give it a half hour or so to evaporate on its own. And. although I can make it work for me, I have to be conscious about ensuring that all the drips and splashes stay inside the tub, particularly when moving the washcloth from the hot water pot. Might be worth it to make a support of some kind, from which I can suspend the pot over the tub.

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Re: Cleanup

Postby farmgal » Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:42 am

Thanks for the update.. I will admit that when we really needed to collect the water and it was not just a matter of washing with as little as possible on a towel, and then saving for the hair washing water, then I have used the rubber feed bin, its black, is wide, its only a foot deep, and its crazy strong, handles all weathers and is easy to carry for dumping.. but would not be space saver but it can be placed outside for roof collecting when not in bath use if that was a choice.. I love them because even in the winter, they just freeze into dump blocks..
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