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finding gold?

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finding gold?

Postby surplusking » Fri Nov 11, 2016 2:43 am

Hello All, this will officially be my first post...lots to read not always that much to say..lol! Anyways I have been raising chickens and a turkey for some time now and their eggs are wonderful ...this is my first go at being a backyard homesteader and I figured that until I have my own property I would keep it small...bout 2 dozen chickens and a young turkey within bout 5 acres( free range completely) they get locked up at night only but free forage during day with supplemental seed and mash scratch etc....well both chickens and turkey lay well, eggs are rich, yokes dark. Now for the first while my turkey laid bout every other day but then stopped finding them usually on the floor of coop in a straw nest (too big for chicken box). a couple weeks went by and I thought she might be not laying because of stress..coyote got one of my birds in broad daylight. she wasnt hurt but spooked with the rest...well today I could not find her either and got worried when she did not come running for her treats so I went looking for her...finally saw her coming out of the blackberry patch...wandered over and found a nest she'd been hiding (from coyotes no doubt) well 14 huge turkey eggs in a well guarded nest of brambles and weeds. Looked just like something out of jurassic park lol. now I've always retrieved eggs daily and washed and refrigerated them but these eggs have been there at least two-4 weeks in relative shelter of brush and being brooded over daily...its been relatively cold all days and a lil bit more at night. there is no tom so eggs are unfertilized and have not been washed other than rain...What I'd like to know is if these eggs are good to eat still?, never left them out so long without refrigeration b4 and if the temperature difference between night cold and brood warm would have any ill affect to the eggs after such a period? and if I can tell if they've gone bad? Anyone with insight ? I would appreciate any advice? thx SK
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