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TGIF Tactical Hand Signals

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Re: Tactical Hand Signals

Postby Knuckle » Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:47 pm

Screedcrete wrote:Why would one want to use common know hand signals? If you are part of a group that needs to communicate why oh why would you use common known signs? What if your being watched by others. They would understand if they could? Why not develop your own simple signals as you really don't need many at all. Its like speaking english in Canada and seems silly to me. Call me paranoid or whatever but incorporating known language when you want stealth is silly. :lol:

I find that most animals are unfamiliar with these hand signals and so I don't worry much. :D (I know where your going with this...)

There are only a limited number of things a guy can use as clear signals using only one hand. These pics are simply a tool I offered to allow folks to do whatever they want with them, period. If you wish to create your own hand signals, go for it. And If you only want them to know what the enemies likely suggesting when they signal others, great! Me, I simply want to remember to cover all the things I should have mentioned before we started hunting so as to avoid confusion during the hunt. Haven't you seen TV shows where they argue about such hand signals? I have and I don't even watch TV much!(maybe it's cause I like the comedies though).

I can't imagine that the enemy would be in a situation to read such hand signals, but then again, I live in the bush and can't see that far cause of the trees. :lol: Seems I still figure most signals should be designed around hunting as this is where they most likely will be used first. If you need them for maybe hunting humans instead someday, they'd likely work here too as it's still hunting, but just where the critters might now shoot back! :?
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Maple Leaf Pilgrim
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Re: TGIF Tactical Hand Signals

Postby Maple Leaf Pilgrim » Tue Jan 20, 2015 4:43 am

We could fully describe a site, locate and describe enemy assets, describe patrol routes, procedures & formations, RVs, ambush sites, fixed & rotary wing LZs, DZs & contact commands. I could readily communicate with my crew within viable line of sight. The number of discernible hand signals available is actually quite broad. Hell, once I used it to order a coffee at Timmies from a mate who was already in the line up.

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Re: TGIF Tactical Hand Signals

Postby just/fine » Sun Feb 15, 2015 3:10 am

I like them,but forgot the one for up the creek
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