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Test help wanted for ham radio

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Test help wanted for ham radio

Postby Denob » Tue Dec 19, 2017 7:35 pm

I have this neat little setup...
A Pixie II 40 meter QRP transceiver set up to send and receive morse code through a computer.
So far I have used the Reverse Beacon Network to determine that I can get a signal out up to about 1300 km at best and about 750-800 km at worst.
Here is what I'm looking for...
Someone in this range to help test the equipment...Quebec/Ontario.
I will provide all the gear, transceiver/unun/wire antenna/pc interface/all required cables.
I'm looking for someone with HF priveleges (basic with honors or advanced) willing to setup the gear and do some tests.
All you need to supply is a 12 volt power source(easy peasy for a prepper right?) and a computer (probably using one right now aren't you?) and you will need to download some free and safe software.
To get this running, I will have to order some parts and do some building, so looking at early February as a time frame.
PM me if interested.
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