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Adjustable beam lasers

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Re: Adjustable beam lasers

Postby Clarence » Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:20 pm

Good morning Wayne. People are going to start thinking we have a love hate relationship going on here. We should meet one day so we can better understand each other, love learning new tactics and tricks.

I love your approach on pretending to be defeated and leave with head hung low!

There’s much truth in what you say about not wishing to stand out. And your tactic of being humble, poor folk, defeated or just trying to get by like the bad guys is a good one. That takes a very high level of training or experience to pull off and I believe asking to much for most people to pull off. If you have family members, they will all have to be practiced pros in carrying it off. Not an easy thing for a 10 year old to do!

As this forum consists of folks in apartments to a cabin in a northern bush area and with I am guessing an equally wide range in skill sets, it’s important that one not suggest tactics that could lead to false sense of profeicincy and have backfire on them. A

A remote location, by its very nature will have less human interaction. Less people, less shelter for them, neighbours who know everyone, city people will not be comfortable or even know how to move through thick brush, swamps etc. so city perp will feed off other city folks. Bush survivors will need to contend with the local bad apples who do know bushcraft. There’s less of them, but they have skills from hunting or as most soldiers come from rural background, they will be familiar with even basic skills.

Keeping a low profile is one tool and one I would recommend. You mentioned cameras as being a give away.. there are two types, one is overt/ placed so people can see that they are under surveillance and ones that are covert. I have an extensive background in covert cams and have had fantastic results. So for the average bad guy and I dare say many pros, I could place a camera in areas that a person scoping out my home would never see it. If your eyes can pick out a 1/8 inch black dot in a tree trunk or 15 feet up in a fork of a tree limb, you have some mighty fine eyes.! Now if you have thermal scope, you might be very lucky and see heat signature but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. ( Speaking of thermal. I highly recommend a hand held unit by flir. Day or night, you will be detected skulking about in the Bush. I know, there are counter measures but for most folks it will work just fine. They are so effective, they are for counter terrorist efforts, a controlled export item).

Then there are pressure plates on trails that people other then you or me would use, buried cables that detect anything going over or under them.... do they cost money, yes but you can deploy this technology around your suburban home or remote location. So if serious about getting a heads up on a person approaching your home from over two thousand....feet away, it can be done! There are other electronic counter measures to detect well concealed cameras but we won’t go there on this forum. So billy bob will never have a clue he is being watched while scoping out my home from 20 feet in the Bush or two thousand feet away! . To be truly effective, all this technology is deployed in very covert fashion and one retains their look of not standing out. It’s an art form but with professional advice is achievable and can make a very nice force multiplier.

You know what you are doing and come at this far differently than some untrained putz will. I wouldn’t want you coming at me!

I do not agree with your fortress statement. Yes, if not supported by outside support, or the ability to outlast the enemy, you will eventually collapse. Thus the need to have developed a local and mutually helpful network. Where possible, a discrete tunnel out of your home could be helpfull. Useing your tactic of leaving home to bad guys and then hitting them from pre prepared locations from outside avoids the initial risk of contact with them.

I like your tactic but that requires everyone to have the skills to pull off the meek and humble game and for bad guys to simply not care and take you out but keep loved ones as their new friends. Bad guys can sometimes be conned but not always. Which then makes us revert back to good perimeter security. Assuming you get a heads up and am not surprised, you then get to decide whether to take them out before being forced to playi being just another suffering soul.
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Re: Adjustable beam lasers

Postby Wayne » Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:29 pm

I agree that each individual's plan is dependent upon the current situation, what resources they have available, health, training and experience. Having worked in a number of undercover assignments in my career, I can attest to the fact that most 'bad guys' don't want to hurt members of the public for no reason. In-fact they have a tendency to protect women and children. For anyone doubting this, just look at what inmates in prison will do (if given a chance) to those who are convicted of rape or child-related offences...

Not much convincing would be required. If you came into my home you could search the house and find only what is normally found in the average kitchen. You would be hard pressed to find my supplies. No one would waste time looking very closely... Better security than numerous locks and bars.

Any obvious signs of wealth should be discouraged. Keeping a small footprint is your greatest defensive measure.

I was serious about the advantages of offensive tactics and the weakness of a defensive position. From a practical standpoint (from my perspective), I don't want to have a lot of hidden cameras and security devices available. If I have an occasion to leave the house to the Perps, I don't want to leave them technology that could make my job more difficult on my return. It works both ways. What you have can be used against you.

My training extends to making and defusing explosive devices traps and trip-wires. Tactical operators must be able to bypass devices or defuse them. So these devices could be used in an assault (securing an escape route for example). Of course I experience the negative of this training every time I fly outside of Canada... :-(

Suffice it to say, that there is more than one way to skin a cat. A situation where someone has elected to huddle with others has its own advantages and disadvantages. My preference is to only group with close friends and family.

Anyway Clarence, I enjoyed the discussion. Have a good day!
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