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Burglar Alarm System - What Do You Have?

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Re: Burglar Alarm System - What Do You Have?

Postby helicopilot » Sat Apr 22, 2017 4:57 am

A little creepier now that I have more details. The perpetrator actually used my neighbours' stolen vehicle to go commit an armed robbery in Red Deer. So there was a chance he had a weapon when he broke into my neighbours' place. Mrs HP remains unconcerned; sigh.
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Re: Burglar Alarm System - What Do You Have?

Postby Wayne » Mon May 22, 2017 10:06 am

Many systems work well in passive situations. What I mean by this is that Perps are often dissuaded from committing a forced entry/B&E (for example) by a barking dog, lights, video cameras, etc. I think that there are many good choices, many of which have been discussed.

I don't however think that the usual methods are effective in a SHTF situation where 'security' is needed. If someone is watching their family starve, are armed and organized, they are not going to run away from a neighbour or a dog. A video camera might make you feel good, but the Perp doesn't care about how many pictures you take of him. He's going to try to eat your lunch.

The best defense in this scenario is either stealth (where you hide your goodies), or you maintain a tactically secure location i.e. signage that trespassers will be shot, watch towers, lines of fortification. Such preparations would include devices to slow the advancement of individuals on the property and hard security of defensive and storage areas (barred entrances, etc.)

The scenario in-which Ma and Pa Kettle (with their hound dog Blue) find themselves protecting a food supply (where there otherwise is none) from hungry people with Pa's scattergun isn't a likely recipe for success. Either you plan to be unseen (hiding your stash), or fortify. Unless you have a large organized group and the resources, the former is usually the best option.
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Re: Burglar Alarm System - What Do You Have?

Postby Clarence » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:00 am

Start as far out from house. Buried metal detectors is good to detect vehicles entering lane, good quality cameras with infrared. Install cameras and zoom them in so the see what you need. Try and use a crossfire pattern so all areas are covered. It also helps when the idiot goes to break one camera / the other camera looking at it, now captures the twit.
Motion activated and pick highest resolution. Do a pre and post event recording. Make sure time date is set and check off daylight savings box. Check recording regularly. You want minimum two weeks recording capabilities
Configure so you get email alerts, you also want to be able to dial in. Ring makes a decent camera for remote viewing and they offer for a price to record on the cloud

Motion activated lights are essential

All doors need to be armed, motions on all floors. Go hardware whenever possible.
Have panic key and code configured. Make sure installer changes default 1234 code!!!!!
,make sure you have admin code, as well as master and one for each person. All unique
Ask for 7 am hour battery " yuasa" is good and may last ten years. If you can afford it, go cellular back up to regular land line. Not a big fan of internet line
You can get cell enabled game cameras for those hard to wire locations$$$
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