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Going cold.

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Re: Going cold.

Postby JackDee » Sat Nov 29, 2014 5:02 am

If you take life using long range means, usually its not as troubling as close encounters. The problem is usually in the aftermath if you're left with a lump of non-functioning bio-machinery. To deal with the guilt you can handle the remains with proper means or if its not possible, you can give it at least a farewell like:
"See you on the other side",
"I hope you find peace",
"The fight is over, you can continue your journey"

If you see someone kicking, spitting, or even shooting at such remains, usually they're already broken inside. I know that some may doesn't deserve some respect but you have to draw the line where things are over.

This is mental matters, the lesser example is like being dumped by your gf/bf.
Everyone will just say, get over it, bru!
However its easier said than done. Sometimes when people are broken hearted, and not treated immediately they may just choose to end their misery by performing act of you know what. Some may continue their live with memories stuck in the loop remembering the person they care, and regretting if-only, if-only-I, and so on causing significant decrease in productivity.

In today's language, clear the history, flush the cache.
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Regret comes last, if it comes early its called registration!

In the end, only fellow preppers truly respects other preppers.
When nothing happens, the world will laugh at you.
When SHTF, what will happen when they found out you got supplies?

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