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Use a cane to defend yourself

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Re: Use a cane to defend yourself

Postby prepare2prevail » Thu Jan 09, 2014 10:09 pm

Hey, Jane and Pilgrim;

Shortly after posting to this thread, I resumed my training with Glen, and recertified as an instructor in Doyle Clan ISF. If you are interested in checking it out first-hand, let me know. I am in Orillia, ON. :)
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Re: Use a cane to defend yourself

Postby Knuckle » Tue Apr 15, 2014 6:49 am

I too like the cane. We used to spar with the staff when I was young and many of the half staff moves are useful with the cane.(though less balanced due to the handle) In todays society, it is good to have a somewhat hidden advantage over those who are agressive by nature. Even possessing the cane presents you as a potential cripple and might lead your opponent to underestimate you. Therefore your advantage is to not convince him otherwise until it is too late.

The second advantage is that when authorities arrive, you can still present yourself as the disadvantaged to prevent charges such as "assault with a deadly weapon" or other charges of intent. If you are carrying a staff, you are hard pressed to be viewed under that same light.

Crutches are even more deadly as you then possess 2 weapons with a long reach. Even if your opponent manages to grab hold of one, the other can bean him before he can do much. A person with any balance at all can be fairly fomidable when on crutches. Most folks try to capture one crutch and then push you off balance and over. The best tactic is to swing the first low with your with your non-dominent arm and when the attacker is busy avoiding that crutch, swing your dominent arm's crutch for the fatal blow...(try not to kill em though as thats harder to explain away). Also putting all the wing nuts forward on your crutches is a good habit to acquire as they can rip the crap out of your attacker with even glancing blows....

And remember that your the helpless victim....so act it when the authorities get there!
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Re: Use a cane to defend yourself

Postby JackDee » Fri Nov 28, 2014 12:34 pm

Used to use an umbrella when bullied or in a street fight. Sadly the metal parts on umbrella these days is easier to bend and broke.
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