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TGIF ~ How about Some Fishing Tips? ~

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TGIF ~ How about Some Fishing Tips? ~

Postby Knuckle » Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:04 am

Since it's now winter here, I thought that I might show some pointers on ice fishing. The easiest way to do that is with video and as the ice is still too thin here to walk on as yet, it is best and to use videos someone else has made. So I start looking thru them and even pick up some new tricks I haven't seen before too.

In the game of fishing, when you go out with a group, if everyone tries various lures, you can quickly figure out what the fish are biting on and all switch to that color and hook. When fishing for awhile, you get better at buying tackle because you then have a better idea as to what lures bring the best success. So in a long run, this is a learn as you go game. Everyone has advice, but you can waste alot of coin learning which is true and which is not. So if you want to learn how to be successful before you go out, maybe just turn on YouTube for this too! I just now did and I am amazed at some of the gear I see is out there. I have been using the same stuff I've had for many years and even upgrade to what I see in the local Crappy Tire nearby sometimes. But there are some new toys I will have to research to see who makes them. I showed pics of an ice shack I helped build on another thread here and now see some real fancy ones here too. I have seen quite a variety from the locals about but it seems we are far from creative compared to many others.

Anyways, here is a good video for some ice fishing tips that I found made close by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qksFJN74d-o&spfreload=1

Here's a commercial for my area to show you how big a sport this is up here and give you an idea what the area looks like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmO1Plg4vd8

Now you can learn stuff here and just imagine how to do all this same stuff without all the toys shown. When I was young, we'd make ice fishing rigs from broken rods that were stepped on by tourists in the summer. Now you can just by them and they even work better. We used to make a stand and rigs a flag until you could buy them that way too. Here's somewhat how we used to do it. http://www.icefishingchat.com/forum/vie ... f=3&t=3985
I can't seem to find a pic of what my others look like so I'll take my own yet for ya to see. Heres the most common lure that I've used for both ice fishing and regular. We call them pickerel rigs in my area http://www.123fishingrigs.com/ice-fishing-rigs.html. You can find them alot cheaper and even make your own too. These are rigs you can set the depth and go do something else while you wait...we used to drink when I was younger but I suggest to find another hobby instead! :D
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Re: How about Some Fishing Tips?

Postby RATTS » Fri Nov 21, 2014 9:37 pm

Ice is just so dam hard to cook???
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