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Get out there and try it!!

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Get out there and try it!!

Postby Blackknight88 » Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:50 pm

Went out into the rain forest yesterday and boy was it raining!! I wanted to put myself to the test in a few different areas. I'd say the over all experience was very good.
I wanted to take the advice of trying to actually do some of the things I've read about and try to get good at outdoor survival in case a Bug Out became necessary.
Everything was not exactly perfect but went far better than expected. Also some things were harder to do than expected.
A good learning experience that I would highly recommend others try.

Has anyone one here ever gone out and tried to operate things that they have prepped?

Here are a couple of things I tried...

Tried out a couple of knives.
Tried out some very good and very expensive water proof all terrain hiking boots. (stayed very dry)
Tried out multi layer clothing to see how prepared I was to be out in the West Coast environment. (partial success)
I started a Fire with a flint fire starter in the rain in the Rain Forest. (I Made Fire!) Make sure you store TP with your flint. Makes life a lot easier!!
I tried out 4 different compasses to see if the low to high range differed at all. (They all worked) Liked the Iphone the best.
Tried out my Geo Cash Garmin for buried dry goods etc. (Worked but don't know how well if there is no sat to service) Maps are not that detailed.
I made some makeshift targets and tried out several firearms. Some of which I have never had very much experience with. (12G buck and 1 Oz Sluggers)
Tried out my Ruger 10/22 with the SGS 100 round mag. Tried 3 dif rounds. All worked very well with no misfires or jam's.
Tried out a new stove and fuel canisters in the rain. Helios stove with iso fuel. Beautiful set up. Cant say enough about this unit.(Prepared food but prob could have used some protein)
I taped it all so I could post it...(have to find the cam driver disk) If any one has a Sony Handy Cam DCR HC62 and would be willing to sell me the disk.....?

Look forward to some comments...
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Re: Get out there and try it!!

Postby Singlecell » Mon Jan 19, 2015 4:49 pm

I was gonna mention I wish you nabbed some photos but then you said you got a video. Good Stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing it.
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