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Survival & homesteading training camp

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Survival & homesteading training camp

Postby thebunkerhotel » Fri Feb 06, 2015 3:40 am

I am hoping to be able to build an addition to my current bunker, and open the entire property up to the public as a learning facility for survivalists and homesteaders. The property is also large enough to serve as an ATV range and a paintball course.(Providing we find experts to operate and teach in those fields)

The Bunker Hotel/Community concept was devised over the years of theoretical doomsday scenarios being presented. Many people do not feel that the world as we know it will continue. Most people, unfortunately cannot afford "the bunker of their dreams", nor would they know all the information they would need to in order to live sustainably in said bunker... Well now, everyone can. We have a fully self-contained Bunker with over 30,000 square feet of living space, not to mention storage and food growth/agricultural & horticultural space. Independent power and water systems(triple redundant) are present and secure from any apocalyptic sort of danger. The complex sits on 9+ acres of rural Iowa farmland. We have a spring-fed creek, which we plan to add a pond to. We also have a wooded area, farm plots, and of course, bunker space. The rural setting makes this a very secure location, as well as very peaceful.
We intend the facility as a training grounds for would-be homesteaders and survivalists alike. Or even for those who want to experience a "different" kind of vacation. We will be teaching everything from canning and dehydrating food, to solar power and sustainable aquaponics. We want everyone to have the knowledge to live off-grid, simply and easily while on a small(or non-existent) budget.
Throughout the year you can join us for a full week's stay at the facility, and would enjoy the same amenities you would expect to find in a hotel. Upon booking a stay, you will have the option to sign up for various classes. These classes are offered by various experts from the survival and prepping community. The 7 day packages are geared towards learning about true off-grid living in a true survival complex. You would have the opportunity to use our paintball/airsoft tactical range, as well as learn from professional tactical personnel during scheduled training exercises. Your family members can learn valuable skills such as: canning, first-aid, food dehydration, safe storage procedures, water treatment processes, and much more, all taught from live people rather than in some online class or video. The hands-on approach works well for some, and we will be there to guide you as you learn.

Check out the project below. Feel free to contribute, or even ask questions on the project page. Every dollar helps!

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