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Water in B.O.B.'s

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Re: Water in B.O.B.'s

Postby CSG » Tue Apr 21, 2015 9:37 pm

For me this is a tough subject, I am a firm believer of having 1.5 litres of water in my BOB and 2 other water purifying options.

the tough part for me is that unless you train to carry a 20-50 lb backpack it doesnt matter what you have in it as you will not be carrying it far. I went on a hike with my BOB (25 lbs at the time) up a mountain 10-30% grades for 2 hours up. I train all the time on flat grounds but this was an experiance and a half. by the time I got to the top I wanted to get rid of as much stuff in my bag as possible. I was sweating, my legs were shaking, I was tired all I wanted to do was drop everything.

just goes to show you that its not just having the bag its knowing how to use it.

That being said Water is the second most important thing you need in a survival situation (shelter from elements being first). I would rather carry 6 liters of water and skip my shovel, Binocs, Rope etc.. then be without water.
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