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Thrive Black Friday Sale begins at midnight!

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Thrive Black Friday Sale begins at midnight!

Postby preppergirl » Fri Nov 29, 2013 1:19 am

This is the big day -


I don't think anyone should miss out on these incredible once a year savings! Who dosen't like buying their groceries when they go on sale? How often do you find savings of 40% & 50% unless its about to spoil? would you like to add to your food storage? Fabulous food products, freeze dried, delicious, Non GMO, no MSG, no pesticides, no artificial colous or flavours, no additives or preservatives!

- so get your wish lists ready!!!!!

I can take your pre-order when I call, or you can email it to me at:



I will gladly put your pre-sale orders in for you on a first come first serve basis starting at the stroke of midnight tonight! Remember, everything is on sale, the best black friday deals are on the sales flyer, no sale prices will show up on the website until 12:01 am November 29th, and everything is on a limited basis! Once the product is gone its gone! no rain checks or re-stocking.

If you do wish to put in the order yourself, you can find a Black Friday order page on my web page after midnight tonight.


If I receive a pre-order before 11 pm this evening I will be able to e-mail or call you with a total and get your payment information. If you send me anything later than that, PLEASE send me all your billing and cc information in the email. (customer full name, phone number and email, billing and shipping address if different including postal code. cc number including expiry date and cvv number from back of card.)


These packages are ONLY for the days of Black Friday and I suspect will sell out quickly!

BREAKFAST OMELET 6 PACK: (25261) Retail: $249.99 BLACK FRIDAY PRICE $187.99 6 - #10 cans
contains: 1 mushrooms, 1 red pepper, 1 green pepper, 1 ham dices, 1 scambled eggs, 1 cheddar cheese

INSTANT BEANS 6 PACK: (25262) Retail $91.99 BLACK FRIDAY PRICE $68.99 6 - #10 cans
contains: 2 instant black bean, 2 instant red bean, 2 instant pinto bean

INSTANT RICE 6 PACK: (25263) Retail $67.99 BLACK FRIDAY PRICE $50.99 6-#10 cans
contains: 3 instant white rice, 3 instant brown rice

I hope to hear from many of you!

Gina Manian
Independant Consultant for Thrive Life
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Re: Thrive Black Friday Sale begins at midnight!

Postby helicopilot » Fri Nov 29, 2013 2:50 pm

Very respectfully, there seems to be very few items at "40-50%" off, matter of factly, I couldn't find any item at 50% off. It seems more like 10-20%. Still nice to see a discount but the advertising appears a little deceiving.
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Re: Thrive Black Friday Sale begins at midnight!

Postby preppergirl » Sat Nov 30, 2013 5:48 am

Pineapple retail 37.19 now 22.39
blackberries retail 36.99 now 22.19
green peas 20.89 now 10.49

I dont deceive, sorry if you couldnt find the deals.
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