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Wanted: London/St.Thomas Preppers or Self Sustainable Minded

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Wanted: London/St.Thomas Preppers or Self Sustainable Minded

Postby PREPwarriors » Mon Jul 14, 2014 5:40 pm

Wanted: in Local London & St.Thomas Ontario area...

Serious or hobbyist Preppers and Self Sustainable minded Individuals to join or to help start a group of pro-active Disaster Preparedness enthusiasts.

The goal of which would be to share projects and knowledge/skills to develop a pro-active group with which to help each other develop successful prepping plans for each member and their family's.

I myself have always been interested in Self Sustainable living with-in an urban environment for over a decade, I have recently developed plans to grow over 150 varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables indoors all year round in a 5 foot growing space using a recycled bottle vertical garden. This design can also be adapted to use Aquaponics (fish waste) to fertilize hydroponically while growing 1 pound Talapia Fish for emergency food.

I'm a Ultra Fit Vegetarian/Vegan Entrepreneur with a high level of martial Arts Skill, Personal Training experience and a P.A.L who's diet currently includes no animal products, the only conflict being that I'm considering fish as an easy source for the omega 3 fatty acids. My ultimate goal is to never need a grocery store, grow all my food myself to avoid GMO/chemically treated foods and to provide my growing family and myself with all the fresh food and nutrition we will ever need inconspicuously inside our home.

I'm seeking local like minded individuals to help in creating a close knit "Strong" group of preppers called "The PREPwarriors" who have a desire to learn and share ideas.

Please feel free to email me if your interested in joining or inviting me to an existing group at:


Thank you for your time in reading this and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Matt D. Strong
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