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Another person from Ottawa

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Another person from Ottawa

Postby jayne » Wed Nov 02, 2016 4:53 pm

Hi all,

I decided to join this forum to meet other people of a like mind.

I have been interested in prepping/survivalism since I was a teenager growing up in the Cold War era. I am originally from BC. I spent 20 years in the RCAF, and lived on bases from coast to coast (and did a couple of tours overseas). My final posting was to Ottawa. I met my partner here and so decided to put down roots.

I am a civil engineer technologist. I currently work for a crown corporation in the Ottawa area. My partner is a register nurse who works in the ICU. We both have skills that would be very helpful in a SHTF situation.

I am an openly gay man and make no apologies or don't take any cr*p for that. That being said, I grew up in BC hunting and fishing and am more at home sitting by a campfire or shooting targets than dancing in a night club. I don't have any time for drama queens, gay or straight.

My current preps consist mostly of items for bugging in (water, food and supplies). I have two friends with properties well outside the immediate Ottawa area. Both are prepper/outdoorsy types and I have talked with them about bugging out to one or the other properties in event of a SHTF situation.

I am interested in getting to know other preppers in the Ottawa area. It always helps to know people of a like mind.

Thanks for having me here.

- Jayne

PS: My user name is taken from a certain character in a certain TV show. If your coat is Brown, we can be friends. Can't stop the signal.
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Re: Another person from Ottawa

Postby HopeImReady » Sat Nov 05, 2016 12:22 am

Welcome to the board, Jayne :) There are a few of us in the Ottawa area.
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