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Dehydrated produce

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Re: Dehydrated produce

Postby Goldie » Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:14 pm

Can you dehydrate macaroni / pasta in the excalibur dehyrator with good results ?
Or does macaroni not do well this way ?

( I have a attachment to make macaroni for my kitchenaid . )
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Re: Dehydrated produce

Postby MrsPrepwPets » Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:41 pm

KWN came through again and handed me a nifty site, which I then poked through.
This one has a ton of dehydrating "recipes": http://hickeryhollerfarm.blogspot.co.uk ... ch-results

I don't do everything the way she does, and she's far heavier with the acid than I am, but it and "Prep2Store" on YouTube are great places to start for dehydrating basics and oddball stuff.

This one's got a lot of recipe-recipes for how to mix and use dehydrated stuff: http://www.backpackingchef.com/dehydrat ... cipes.html
A lot of theirs you have to watch for fat and oil contents.
Whereas plain taters or carrots or apples or berries that are done to dry-leather or plastic-type will last for years with no discernible difference between the ones that only waited 3-6 months, anything that has a bunch of oils is going to tap out at 3-6 months tops, usually, and in super hot places, sometimes sooner.

Will somebody try the asparagus from the top link for me? And tell me how it compares when it's re-hydrated?
I is skeered, but Boy Toy loves asparagus and I'm unwilling to touch, smell or watch anyone consume canned asparagus. He'd be super-duper grateful if he knew.

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kootenay kid
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Re: Dehydrated produce

Postby kootenay kid » Wed Sep 24, 2014 12:25 am

I read an article in a magazine a year or so ago. The lady said she dries asparagus whenever she can find it. She says it re-hydrates very well. I have not tried it, though, as I am the only one in the family who likes it. I usually just get half a dozen spears when they first come out, and eat them raw. Love them that way.....One feed a season does me good, so there is no reason for me to dry it.
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