Aiuta uno studente di imparare

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Aiuta uno studente di imparare

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Ciao, io sono un americano che ovviamente non ha le competenze linguistiche. Mi scuso per la scrittura in inglese, ma spero che tu mi possa aiutare.

I am a university student graduating from Grinnell College, looking for some help with a remarkable opportunity. I am applying for a Watson Fellowship, a grant that will allow me to travel outside of the US to study a topic that deeply interests me for one year.

I am currently studying sociology, and what interests me right now is survivalism’s rise as a movement. More specifically, I want to find out how gender plays a role in survivalist communities, and how traditional gender issues (equality of opportunity, household labor division, reproductive rights) are addressed in their preparation and planning for the post-apocalyptic future. In order to do this, I plan to spend my year living and working with those survivalists kind enough to host me. Through actively contributing to a household, and through conversing with both men and women committed to a survivalist worldview, I will be better able to understand exactly how these issues intersect.

I am contacting you in the hopes that you will be able to point me to survivalist groups or families that might be interested in hosting me. I will be posting similar messages on various survivalist forums around the internet, but if you have any advice or connections, and are willing to help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you so much for your time,
Sally Fritsche

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