what is a good job for a prepper?

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Re: what is a good job for a prepper?

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But to balance that, I hope you have a big wall/fence/doc, etc . There would be lots of people looking for a fix when their stash runs out when the SHTF. And trust me, they know you're there:). Juicier looting targets would be harder to find!

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Re: what is a good job for a prepper?

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Been nodding my head yes, yes to most of what knuckle has stated the last two pages!!! Well...to me and my spouse our jobs allow us to do what we really enjoy! Free time on the farm, prepping, preparing the place for friends and family.
We both work in employment that gives us a unique view of the under belly of society. I've dealt with a lot of death with medicals and suicides (that sort of thing) but I (luckily) haven't had to deal with having to take a life. My spouse unfortunately has! Anyone who said it would be easy-is talking out their butt!!! Your doing yourself an injustice not preparing yourself with an understanding that you will be affected when taking a life! If/when you are faced with such an event-what will you do/how will you DEAL with it!! Cause guess what...you will have to deal with it, and how you DEAL is different for everyone. I really have nothing more to say about that topic-as it is something people won't understand til their IN it.

So, more to point...we work so we can do what we really enjoy. Ours are not bad jobs, as far as jobs go. We get into our uniforms and go to work. We don't live for our jobs, but we work with a lot of people who think that's all there is! We understand it's a means to an end. We work to live, not live to work! We work to get money, benefits, pension, training. We also learn a lot about people in our field-and yes we're likely jaded because if it. We take advantage of the training through our employment and further invested our personal time to hoan those skills to be advantageous to our group. The JOB gives us the money, time, flexibility to be able to prep. Any job you love-should be your first choice. But if you don't love it-make it work for you!
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Re: what is a good job for a prepper?

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Reading all the posts from the beginning I just keep thinking if you want to learn all the skills you will need to survive in a SHTF situation, perhaps you should consider apprenticing yourself to a farmer or just jump in on the deep end and work with youtube and people like those on this site. You will learn all the skills and trades you would need. Carpentry, welding, plumbing, animal husbandry, food production, prep and preserving, and harvesting animals, to put it politely; and, on top of all of that, a little medical learning too for every hammered thumb, cow-kicked leg or worse. Although I grew up primarily in cities, I had the great good fortune to have god-parents and a couple of other relatives who have/had farms. Even as a young girl visiting the farm, I learned how to deal with animals and use a hammer on a roof without getting killed. If you are young and have the time, it couldn't hurt to spend one year working on a farm. Oh an one more thing, all the stuff I found irritating when young (like weeding the garden) I now find it is my zen time just sitting on the ground enjoying nature and, literally, the fruits and vegetables of my labours. Just an idea!
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Re: what is a good job for a prepper?

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I would second Ravencats views in that you just need to get out and do it. We have started up treks and overnighters to meet others. We have talked about what would be best and most prudent to start with as far as systematically taking the reigns on the future but by and large you just need to go out and start the vision. For some it may be furthering your supplies in a rural setting along with an escape plan but then what? You really need to know how to hold your own and that comes in many many forms. For some it may be people management/lead hand skills. For others it may be repair/design/manufacture skills. Some will be leaning towards medical abilities while others will revolve around security and OPSEC. Lots have gardening skills yet others have communication skills. All of this mimics the real world for me and I mean that by saying it really doesnt matter what you do as long as you do it well. Nobody likes a talker that cant walk the walk so do what your good at then do it BETTER. This is how you will solidify yourself and your skills in a group setting.You can have all the ambition in the world but if you dont have a plan in what and HOW you can move forward your really only spinning your wheels. Dont get me wrong we all spin a bit but its the focus that will reap the rewards.
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Re: what is a good job for a prepper?

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Getting a job or even volunteering in the emergency services would be my best suggestion. As a firefighter I have learned many skills that I could use in a time of emergency.

Look into joining your local search and rescue group as well. Even if you are working at a grocery store at least you are involved, maybe in the future you could make it a career.
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