Wilderness Survival Trip

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Wilderness Survival Trip

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Hey everyone,

So I was wondering if anyone would be up to plan a week long survival trip. The location is in Vita, Manitoba with 600+ acres. If you want to come on this trip, the cost is just going to be $25-50. Also, if anyone is up for starting a survivalist community // group for bug out scenarios. Just leave a reply, I don't wanna meet right away, I wanna talk for a while, plan for a bit and then meet.

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Re: Wilderness Survival Trip

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hi Mxchaud, I would be interested in such a trip. Is this your property or an area of crown land you know about? I have a couple of friends who have experience in survival training. Are you experienced in bushcraft? I believe i could survive, but not as confidently as i should be able to. I do believe I'd be able to get a couple friends to join us as well. May i ask what the cost is for? It is not a lot so it is very appealing and makes it much more doable. Although, a perhaps just a weekend exercise to start would be best?

I look forward to being able to talk about this more. May i offer some survival gear for sale from my online store? I don't have a lot at the moment, but am always looking for more better ideas. Of course, this group would get a discount as well ;)

anyways, sorry for the shameless plug, but look forward to being able to put something together.
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