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Re: Internet security

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I'm currently reading Social Engineering - The Art of Human Hacking. It should be required reading for anyone interested in security.

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Re: Internet security

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I'm aware that the information you share on the internet can be later back-referenced to you. That's why it's important to only share what you don't mind others knowing. I'm well aware of how much information that I can get on anyone with one telephone call. I was a police investigator for many years and this is really a basic investigative technique. So much for the lesson, but if you really want to play...

I didn't think that's what we were talking about... Do you really think that CSIS, the NSA or the Russian Government is unable to find-out what they want to know without using this program???

It has less to do with the brand of internet security you use, who the manufacturer of the software is, or who their friends are than it does with what information you voluntarily share on the Internet (knowingly or unknowingly). This is especially true on social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) and it's for this reason that I don't use these programs. It's also the same reason why I don't list my credit card information on-line (although I'm not financially responsible for any illegal usage) and use a VPN (so good luck obtaining my IP address). It comes down to common sense.

I don't mind people knowing where I live, or who my neighbours are. This is public information (a telephone book). Hardly requiring a genius to figure it out. Personally, I couldn't care less. If however, anyone threatened me or my family, that's what the police are for. If there was no police, I'm capable of dealing with it myself. I'm not threatened by someone knowing my name or to whom I'm married. They do not know where I am, or where I'm going to be; with no way of finding out. They would however quickly realize they chose the wrong target.

People can be paranoid about lots of things. Someone can be concerned about the type of security software they are using and the software manufacturers relationships. At the same time they can share their location and habits with the world on social media. Like I said, when it comes to Internet Security, a bit of perspective is warranted...
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Re: Internet security

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My perspective is that privacy is often a trade-off for ease of use & low or no-cost usage. If something is free, then YOU are the product. Everyone has a different tolerance for what their priority is on privacy and what they are willing to trade off. Personally I trust Western democracies more than the Russian government or a private company to use my data for nefarious purposes (or screw up less often). There are actually a lot of built-in controls and policies for govt & police relating to privacy which work well, most of the time (regardless of what Snowden has said, half of which is outright BS).

I take certain steps for security when it comes to banking & health info, less so on others. It's not really feasible to research every single product or service, but you can't be naive either. If they really to know my age & gender, then I will tell them I am a 70-yr old man, and they will wish me happy birthday on the wrong day! :lol: I use social media but I do not always provide accurate info, for data which I feel they have no legitimate right to know. I rarely comment on obscure prepper-related topics unless they are things my friends are familiar with, topically. Also cognizant that some prepper topics can be misconstrued out of context, esp relating to firearm use, home protection, etc.

Check out the news story recently, on how genealogy DNA data was used to solve a cold case (the Golden State killer)- I bet the person who submitted their DNA to trace ancestry never fathomed it could one day be used that way (possibly against them or their relatives)

Thanks for the tip on the book Gallowshumour.
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