Ontario Ice Storm 2013

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Re: Ontario Ice Storm 2013

Post by farmgal »

so far, so good, the one person next door and I had a chat to confirm things ready, as we share somethings, so far we still have power, extra preps done and ready for the moment

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Re: Ontario Ice Storm 2013

Post by mamaizzy »

We have not even had a power flicker thankfully.
BUT, my cell has gone off since last night from friends and family who thought my prepping ways were "bat sh*t crazy" but today it's been "Can I drink the water? How do I get warm? The house is soooo cold!" I even had someone say "What? Put a pot on the BBQ? Huh!" when they asked me how to heat water and cook dinner in a pan/pot lol

My 2 older boys were looking forward to a 24 hr trial run, I told them to count their blessings that we have power!
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Re: Ontario Ice Storm 2013

Post by Perfesser »

Our power went out late Saturday night. I would have fired up the wood stove when I got up Sunday but it was on and apart from a few flickers it's been fine.
Plenty of downed branches but aside from that we're good.
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Re: Ontario Ice Storm 2013

Post by ratdogmom »

6 hrs without hydro here in Hamilton (on the "mountain")...our tree out front cracking and dropping limbs...I think my husband was very glad his nutty wife is a baby prepper.
We were in the middle of making jerky when the power went out but the jerky was more or less done and ready to cool and package up for the freezer.
Blankets, flashlights, three dogs to snuggle for added warmth, camping lantern, giant economy package of hand/foot warmers and enough ready to eat food for a very long time...all of a sudden he was very grateful.
When the power came on he mentioned taking any overtime he can get so we can buy a generator and an electrician (licensed) he works with has volunteered to help him set it up (pony panel etc)
My dad was a licensed construction electrician...but he is retired and just doesn't take this stuff as seriously as he should so I can't count on him to give any advice on generators/hook up etc.
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Re: Ontario Ice Storm 2013

Post by livingpower »

I'm in London and I filled an oil lamp and made sure the candles and flashlights were ready, but we got barely anything here. Hope everyone else fared well.
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Re: Ontario Ice Storm 2013

Post by anitapreciouspearl »

We are back on the grid after a few days out. The power came on for a two hour period yesterday but thankfully I didn't fully trust it would stay on so we rushed around refilling the bathtub and washing dishes and taking showers.

We broke out the kerosene heater...that was still in the box after two years (cough cough - hand slap) Regardless after reading the instruction manual and putting it together it worked perfectly. There was a little stink but with a window cracked it was ok and it created really nice heat.

It does make you so thankful for daily conveniences!! Water coming out of a tap is quite something!!
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Re: Ontario Ice Storm 2013

Post by remington870 »

Part of my prepping is that I collect oil lamps. I have about 20 of all shapes and sizes.So, all I did was light 8 of them in the basement. Do you know how much heat one of those throws?
It wasn't toasty warm but, it was comfortable. Now that I have electricity back I can sit down and look at what worked and what didn't. Perhaps that is a good topic for discussion, what worked,what didn't and lessons learned.
I know many are still without power but, full restoration should only be another 36 hours at the most.
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Re: Ontario Ice Storm 2013

Post by Patriotkings »

Merry Christmas Eve everyone.

We were lucky and did not lose power, we heat by woodstove anyway so would have been fine. Hubby made me open my present early - a beautiful Aladin lamp, he didn't realize it takes a different wick than a oil lamp. Thought was there and I love it, can order parts for it thankfully.

One of our lessons learned is to keep some road salt and sand on hand, wood ash only goes so far.
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Re: Ontario Ice Storm 2013

Post by Singlecell »

Hey everyone!

I haven't had the power gone out once, I guess living in downtown Toronto, they don't like to screw with the power, as chaos is more likely to develop in a heavy downtown core. Unfortunately, I've been heading to work the last two days, there are many people from all over the GTA who seem to be without power.

I'm already reading up on people starting to lose it in confrontation, public transportation, gas stations, etc.
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Re: Ontario Ice Storm 2013

Post by Bandit86 »

It was a good drill or rather a good scare I'm going to run some wires for the generator and adding a battery maintainer to make sure the battery is going to be charged when I need it.

I'd like to rig up a generator to a stationary bike just for quick use like topping off the water tanks and such so I don't have to start the diesel generator so often
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