Bugging out from the Niagara Region

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Re: Bugging out from the Niagara Region

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RachelM wrote: Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:01 am Although our current property is rural, we're surrounded by city and subdivisions are rapidly encroaching by the year. Wondering if any other Niagara or southern Ontario preppers have given thought to bug out areas? I know that my car can go 550-600km maximum on a tank of gas fully loaded, and there are a lot of affordable options up north that may be just barely within that distance, but they would require using major highways through Toronto/GTA and other urban areas, or detouring around them in a way that would add too much mileage. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for areas to check out? In the future I'd love to actually purchase land and begin a homestead of sorts (Which would potentially solve the travel issue), but I need an area to plan for in the interim.
Any other preppers in the area looking to plan as a group would be great also, or even from surrounding areas looking to plan in a central location? Feel free to PM!
Hey i am in your position to and have found the beaver valley it is the perfect bugout location

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