What are your reasons for / How did you get into prepping

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Re: What are your reasons for / How did you get into preppin

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About age ten...The dept had reached 3 billion. Gold had just doubled in price to 300$ an ounce. The population was changing from 3.5 billion people when I was born, then to 4 billion. I understood how the exponential function worked so it was obvious that our fate was self distruction. I watched my parents indedted servants to a 25 year morgage for a postage stamp next to other postage stamps. This was normal. Normal people were clearly insane. There was no use living a normal life from that point on.

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Re: What are your reasons for / How did you get into preppin

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Not to be overly pessimistic but much of what you say would depend on your definition of "normal". :?
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Re: What are your reasons for / How did you get into preppin

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Earthquake on the coast of BC. Plus grew up on a farm where we canned and put items away for the winter. So in a way I've always done it.
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Re: What are your reasons for / How did you get into preppin

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Well, native American roots and about a half dozen others. Camping since age 30 days :D Military upbringing. All the opportunities to learn about survival. Air cadets. Cubs as a boy. Had eventually those nuclear drills and had a fully stocked basment. Later in life out west I met local natives, Metis too. Life just evolved this way. Hunting, tracking calling moose, fishin camping. Drinkin scrappin..oh..heh..chasing the gals. :D
Raised my family on moose meat, deer, bear, beaver. Some beef for change..etc. Got into gardening. Worked a couple farms. Learned all the things a fellow needs to know for self sufficiencies and just kept growing into it. Logging, mining oil field, trucking welding carpentry plumbing.. stayed away from electric..allergic to shocking experiences.
All kinds work over the 50 years or so til early retirement. Started young. Finished high school at 25. Few University courses along the way. Avid reader of many university texts. Self educated. Still learning.
Mechanics, trucking, heavy equipement..cowboyed in the Cariboo one round up, that was enough of that. City jobs, bush jobs..placer gold mining Yukon. Still do a little prospecting.
Stone and wood sculpting for about 30 years on and off. Ceremonial objects for elder etc. Posty. Vast experience. Ran with wolves in Yulon, fed them couple months before I left my 303 at the cabin :lol:
Never a problem..cept they ate my buds 4 huskies one moon light Dec night..wow. Fast lunch. Bud was choked.
So 5 offspring and about 8 r 9 grand kids and a couple or three Great Grand kids..all over the country.
Maws soon 87, that's my ol mother. Still hangin in there with me. She wants to die on my land..our land. SO that's how it will play out..no hurry though.
Got my approach and culvert in with a nice pad close to the road. Move back in later to the higher ground..see all over the province from there. Still payin for it. Local outfit did a excellent job too for cost so I kicked a lil bonus there.
Don't know many people yet. Our land lord is a kind soul and helps out with rides to super store since I don't drive yet, no license. So I help out with renovations and other lil jobs, buck fire wood. Be getting that going as able. Get a 4x4 and really get around then.
All my experience paid off big time on site. Was a learning curve with electrical troubles in 5th wheel etc.. but came through just abit rusty after a 3 year stint in an apartment no camping or any getting away.. Was a tough road.
Not going to rehash all the ills of the world or doom n gloom stuff. Don't feel that way. Things always improve even if they can be down right brutal at times. I just trust in a higher order of care than my own knowledge and personal power.
Positive yet realistically aware of the whole global scene and most the behind scenes agendas unfolding. Feel strongly we create our experiences by our thoughts, mind set. Expectations and fears all have a part in our personal success's n failures. Some is meant to teach or harden us to realities for growth.
My camp is outfitted with solar pv and generator, lumber, tools, tools tools..gave over to my son so he can start prepping. Replacing things. As I said may go get it if sonny isn't ready to face facts yet. :mrgreen:
Life is good here. :D Be well.
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Re: What are your reasons for / How did you get into preppin

Post by MoraGuy »

I have spent my whole life up to this point hunting, fishing and spending weeks at a time living under a tarp and cooking over a fire (my idea of a vacation...lol). However, three weeks ago I had my eyes opened big time! My wife and I live in the small town of Nackawic and we have a 6 month old little boy who we love more then life itself (as any parent would). About three weeks ago we had a good snow storm and we lost our power for about 3 hours, not to big of a deal when it was just her and I. Now that we have a baby to care for we really had our eyes opened and at this point we realized that we need to be better prepared.
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Re: What are your reasons for / How did you get into preppin

Post by Gambit »

Hmmmmm that's a tough question. I would have to say it was the natural conclusion to a lot of research.
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Re: What are your reasons for / How did you get into preppin

Post by Profamilia »

Well I grew up in a off the grid farmsted/ranch. After seeing what war does to a country and its people, while I have servered with our military and in other countries working a "secuirty" job outside of the military no matter the country be it war or acked of nature. People are always the same... As for the how. I'm working at my stocks, and skills. I am trying to expand my skillset in the medical field from tactical to Surgical and care giving. Also my mechanical skills and machining parts and tools. Maybe I can last a year right now but thats not good enough 8-)
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Re: What are your reasons for / How did you get into preppin

Post by razerp »

Seriously into prepping? after the 2010-11 floods here in Qld, most of my family was either cut off from home for a bit, nearly swept away, or in the case of my parents forced to go to relatives due to power out for 5 days. myself and one brothers family were barely affected aside from in a general sense.
As I depend on grocery delivery services which were suspended due to unsafe conditions on the roads, I was a little short on supllies. this got me looking at being more ready.. I had basics (many thunderstorms here), but I started researching, and stocking up, and learning.
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Re: What are your reasons for / How did you get into preppin

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the ice storm for me. we were lucky we had a generator and a wood stove.. now we are prepping for the longer outages.
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