Roll Call

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Hello,been away from site awhile,busy with life and all but I was at a small get together in Moncton and it worked out for the best so I am all in for meeting more people.

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Re: Roll Call

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I am in for a meeting new people
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Re: Roll Call

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New guy here,willing to travel to meet like-minded individuals. Saint John here.
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Re: Roll Call

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kent county area... sick of telling people things and they all think im crazy :roll: so would be good to talk to people that agree with me on some things haha
better to be prepared and have nothing happen than to have something happen and not be prepared
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Re: Roll Call

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saint john
Father! The sleeper has awakened!
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Re: Roll Call

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Gambit wrote:Let's make time New Brunswick.

I know it's hard to find time while protesting shale gas and burning police cars. :roll:

We should really start talking. So who is out there?

I'm in central NB and like to drink coffee and willing to meet new people.
Lets get the convo going here.. I'm tired of everyone else laying low and not speaking up - makes it impossible to meet like minded people.
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Re: Roll Call

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im from kent county area. i would like to meet some like minded people in my area. live close to rogersville new brunsswick, more than happy to meet others.
better to be prepared and have nothing happen than to have something happen and not be prepared
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Re: Roll Call

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Twenty Two feet below the Fredericton general area . New to this site ,nice to see a collection of people from NB thinking about the future .
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Re: Roll Call

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Coolice wrote:very quite around :shock:
Ya know, perhaps I am becoming too paranoid from living in the large geographic subdivision south of the 49th parallel, but I am not surprised that this particular thread is a little quiet. 8-)

Although I am Canadian, and I believe that the government can help us, I don't particularly want the government to know all my moves. Meet-ups and the like are great opportunity. They work well for us to get together and share, and also for surveillance of activities if someone thought that these get-togethers were a trifle too "militia like" or some such idiocy. Besides wouldn't it be nice for the powers that be to know where all the prepping supplies are located?

Many of the more rabidly paranoid would say that they do not want to give away locations for bug out, or let anyone know what they are up to. There may be some honesty in that. If too many people know that you are a prepper, and that you have stockpiled food and provisions and can support yourself, how long do you think it would be post SHTF, before someone gets the bright idea to come and take what is yours, for their own?

Again, take this with a grain of salt, but social breakdown quickly follows most disaster scenarios. Those that survive TEOTWAWKI will be freaked out and looking for support. If you have created your own network, great, you stand a chance of coming out on the right side. If you have not, then you have some decisions to make, and some people will decide to take what ever they want, regardless of ownership. Just sayin'.....

So having said that, My BOL is in New Brunswick, and I will say that I can almost smell the ocean from my front parch (is that too definitive? :D ).

I do want to share thoughts, and ideas on prepping and living a self sufficient life in general, so I will be lurking and posting on here as the spirit moves me.
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Re: Roll Call

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Ah, When tshtf ? Hah !

Take what they want regardless of ownership ? Hah ! Hullo ??

Hmm..Been here approx. 5 years and that has been going on just about since day 15 in NB for me and most of rural NB and city folks no better off.

So bad, I am not on my place. Not wanting to start a vendetta war and get killed by the drug dealing, thieving genius's, the local zombies, I chose to stay else where. In fact I am moving right out of NB. Nothing personal but it's not the best place to be after all, according to NB govt., liars using govt., web site to entice seniors here then fleece us.:) Any color ideologies, all Beercrats bank sucking fools from hell. YA. Welcome IMF :) Keep smiling. :) Kiss your pensions good by fellow seniors :)

Got my new place picked out and selling out. Have to be pretty hardy to find me now, well when I am there. Could not organize resistance and vigilantes, legal, sanctioned by legal, all too fraidy to take on several thousand SBs, no law since who knows when??

None confederation. ? 16th century :) Beyond.

Plenty Lawyers and traitorous hungry politicians though, helping the regime step on our necks, using corporate policy, sell out our country, gone already, corporate chattel subsidiary of corporate fascist United States, that isn't America actually, that's Washington DC, London, Paris, Ottawa, most Americans asleep too, playing the political game nobody but the white shoe boys will win, they are stealing our resources, trust accounts, more taxes, more crime, more poverty, more GMO poisons, soon will be no freedoms, not safe here already, if the regime don't get ya the criminals work for them will. :)

Back to native lands, native bands, native militias, sanctioned by legal and treaty, armed to the teeth and ready for the party. Probably just carpet bomb us, but at least I will have company being extirpated for the Vatican, since the Pope is the Don of the Global Christer Mafia, fascist Jesuits, Swiss banks, Karzar, no dna to back them up and those do don't care, frauds, off shore multinational criminals, bankers, same diff., current "Israeli" Identity thieves, ya. Amerika Corporate fascist SBs. Sleeping sheeple, starving, freezing under bridges, losing homes, only have months to get ready.

But, most believers have no idea what is going on and who supports it.:) Have 14.11 acres in paradise for sale cheap. Hahah. Can't get any warriors to join me there. Been attacked twice, once with hunting rifle.. so.. heads up. It's play time in the picture province for the NWO impoverish, enslave, pollute, extirpate, rob, rape, murder, lie, cheat, steal, brutalize and talk about Jesus on Sunday NB. Right wingnuts abound. That's a whole other joke on them too:)

So, good luck, get the hell outta here and do it fast :) Next winter if you are lucky, it's coming down. Oceans dyin. Air is choking us already. Water be full of crude oil and h2s. Calgary has a H2s well right smack in it.. ready for the purge.

Am I scared. Hell no. Can't wait, but I won't make it easy for the slugs. Don't want to die in a dirty diaper drugged out my skull and some big you know what sodomizing ME :)

No way. :)

I may be back, truth these days gets us punished by the copsuckers too fraidy to speak it. :)

Too fraidy to defend their communities. Just sit and cry about it. Hah hah. :) Remember The Wolverine :) YA. Hoorah my butt:) Chinese troops on every corner, what ya think co governance is. We need no army, no troops, too dangerous to the pigs in $5000.00 dollar suites we pay for :)

I grew up in the military and I know what's what and who's who around this here dog house :)
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