Bug out bags and beyond

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Re: Bug out bags and beyond

Post by handy » Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:21 am

your bag is light compared to mine but i hope not to have too use it and rely mainly on my vehicle to get me north if anything happens. im pretty sure that my bag loaded with water and no food is 35 lbs. it needs some work still and i am moving some of the stuff into my vehicle to keep out of the bag. also if anyone asks me about my bag i say its full of camping equipment and i bring it with me on trips. my vehicle has a similar set up for its own survival ( extra fluids, parts, tools, straps, warm clothes) because i use it for off-roading on a regular basis for fun. i will say one thing that your B.O.B will never be done and you will always be changing it and tweaking it to your needs.

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