Lady prepper

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Lady prepper

Post by gypsy_wanderer_husky »

Yup another Newfoundland Lady prepper here.

Lets see Have just begun our container gardens of beets, potatoes, carrots, turnip, cabbage.

We have chickens, quail and eggs also rabbits if needed.

Have made our bob's but Reworking them for a 15 yr old girl, 3yr girl and myself. The hubbys bag is always packed in his truck.

I have learned to sew, and use a sewing machine to make basic clothes.

Learned how to make soap.

Canning everything I can get my hands on.

I don't carry a fire arm, but do use a 150 lb crossbow, and longbow.(Not into having to register myself under the government, so they know anything.)

Bug out options:
1, I live on a island off an Island 5miles by 9 miles. Ferry is government run. So to go or to stay. To leave the Island means a line up that could be days to get off and deal with government the whole time.
so option two bug out at home then, move to hidden location on our little Island till the smoke settles.

Hope to hear from like minded

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Re: Lady prepper

Post by Lynne »

Hello fello lady and Newfoundlander don't seem like there's too many of us, I am new to this site but been doing a lil prepping for a while
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Re: Lady prepper

Post by anitapreciouspearl »

Hi Lynne - welcome aboard :)
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Re: Lady prepper

Post by livingpower »

Welcome! If you can sustain yourselves, then it sounds like the perfect place to bug out at home.
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Re: Lady prepper

Post by farmgal »

Hi lynne,

New members are always great but its nice to see more and more ladies coming on the boards! Look forward to getting to know you better and please tell us about yourself and a bit about where your preps are if you are willing?

What are you looking for in regards to learning right now? if I may be so bold as to ask :)
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